Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Yearly Treat!

I'm so excited!! Yesterday I got my yearly treat in the mail. I've been getting this book every year beginning in 1988, which makes this my 20th edition! It's a feast for the eyes and the spirit. I even entered one year but my work was lost as well as my favorite photo of me and my cat, but I digress. It's chock full of illustrations from published as well as non-published artists covering every imaginable subject and medium. If you've never feasted your eyes on one, order one today! You can get it on You just may be inspired to enter for next year.

Okay, gotta run! I have a book to indulge in now :)
Oh, and check out this really, really cool giveaway!


  1. It does look very interesting!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. i bad to delete my comment i wrote a whole lotta rubbish. interesting book, and unusual.

  4. what's better than a recommendation like this coming from a cool and talented person? !

    thank you studio lolo. maybe this book will show itself under the christmas tree...


  5. LAUREL!!! PUT THAT BOOK DOWN... and come to supper!

  6. Looks interesting! As long as has a lot of pictures......:)
    So nice you have them all 20!
    Happy Cactus Monday Lolo!
    love >M<

  7. Okay, so last night I poured through this entire book and it was disappointing :(
    I'm sure out of all the entries received, this couldn't have been the best of the best. I'm still glad I have it though, and I'm really glad I have the previous 19!

  8. Squeeeeeal of excitement! That looks like a fabulous book! Weeeeee....cough cough....oh, it was disappointing? Dangit. I'll keep an eye out for it next year however. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.