Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Seven Similar Things

I came across a wonderful fellow blogger's post who listed seven random things about herself. I was amused by the fact that I could relate to all of them in a similar but non-exact way. That inspired me to come up with a spin on the old
"Seven Random Facts" theme just for fun! Please join in if you can relate to what we've said by putting your own spin on things. You're all tagged by your own choice. No pressure, just let it fly!

So the thing you need to do is first read KJ's post, then compare my similarities!

Here goes...

1) I live out of a laundry basket. I don't have enough dresser/bureau space to put my clothes away.

2) On a related note, we lack closet space in this tiny duplex so many of my clothes don't get hung up. But if I'm being completely honest here, all I have to do is give away the clothes that don't fit me even though I swear they will one day soon and then I will have PLENTY of room in the closet.

3) Nature is my church, kindness is my religion.

4) I'll give away nine cents of every dime I have but please don't ever take advantage of me.

5) I grew up poor in inner city Boston in the 50's and 60's. Those were not good times. My parents drank every paycheck and most often we were without heat, food or electricity. My mother would cover us with coats on top of blankets. I could see my breath and hear my teeth and bones chatter. My body would ache from the shivering.

6) I was arrested at age 14 for shoplifting. I was a little runt always trying to be accepted by the wrong people. They were stealing the latest, coolest outfits and I was stealing Christmas presents for people I loved. I was busted for ten dollars worth of merchandise. I also remember having cardboard inserts in my shoes that night because it was winter and I had holes in my shoes. The mother of my friend came to bail her out and forbade her to hang out with the likes of me anymore. My father left me in jail that night to teach me a lesson. That's the most profound and loving thing he's ever done for me.

7) I didn't have a senior prom, or a junior prom. I was expelled from school at the age of fifteen for circumstances beyond my control at home. Instead of helping me, the 'powers that be' labeled me. Thank God for my probation officer who stood by me and knew I was a good kid in a bad situation. Forty-four years later we are still very close. I went on to get my GED at age 25 and even did a bit of college until I ran out of money. I learned more in the school of hard knocks, and really, I think I've done okay.

Please join in if you wish! I really like the voluntary aspect of memes. I know my answers were a bit of a downer, but I look at those memories as a reason to celebrate where I am today.


  1. wow!

    i guess i should add that i grew up in boston too (well, waltham, close enough).

    i can tell we would have plenty to talk about over pizza!


  2. Since you overcame all that Studiololo you can do ANYTHING.

  3. Oh dear, I just came here to say you'd been caught in a tag game! But these bits are already just what I wanted: more info on you. Still, you are on my site, so can this be a 'double tag' and qualify for my game as well?!

  4. I would never have guessed you had a life like this! You overcame way too much but you certainly learned a lot from the experience. We are rewarded with your friendship and generous spirit. Thank you.

  5. Hi Lolo,

    What a post! Love your honesty! I admire you you for that.
    Life has been hard but you came out strong and a wonderful person!
    I already did this this 7 random things, I can relate to 5 . We don´t have this prom culture here so I don´t have any experience with that.
    My parents were neither poor nor drinkers, but I had my share of disappointments ( and I sure did disappoint my parents a lot)
    My mother had to pick me up from the police station as well .....:(
    I did some pretty stupid things when I was young.

    Lolo I really think you are one of the nicest people I know in blogland! This post moved me, makes me sad that you had such a rough start, but people who love nature and animals have a gentle and good soul. The other things were just a cry for attention and the inability to cope with things and lack of proper guidance. Lucky for you you had people who believed in you and you proved they were right!

    Big Hug >M<

  6. I surprised myself with my deep honesty here, but it was good to do. Just because we have a rough start in life doesn't mean we have to roll over and die, right?
    Most of us have had it a bit rough, that's what makes us appreciate every moment!
    Thanks for all of your kind words and friendship :)

  7. You may have thought yourself to be a "diamond in the rough" when you were young...but you certainly shine with beauty and clarity and brilliance today...you bring a bit of light and love to so many!

  8. Wow I love this piece!
    Trés bellle harmonie des couleurs, le coté collage bricolo, tout se marie à merveille!
    I love!
    & thx so much for your comment;)

  9. You are a strong person, I am glad that God is with you all the times.
    You are very successful person and had won the battle against all odds, and continue to win now and in the future!!!
    I salute you:)

  10. Oh my goodness. I'm catching up on all the posts I've missed (LOVE, love the desert founders, by the way), and I come across this true gem. What an amazing and heartbreaking start. To have turned out so beautifully, inside and out, is an inspiration.

  11. You know Laurel I missed this post and I was visiting your blog and looking things over when I found it.
    You are honest and courageous! The lessons learned from the school of hard knocks... can be the best a person receives... although I don't think we know it until much later.

  12. hi there lolo... i stumbled upon this blog after finally having the courage to participate in Illo Friday.

    I could easily relate to your seven similar things. i truly agree with these words you wrote, "Most of us have had it a bit rough, that's what makes us appreciate every moment!"

    am glad for all the things that have happened in the past, it makes living today good and living for tomorrow a promise waiting to unfold.