Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Animal Wednesday: Stuffing Ourselves

This is my friend's Italian Greyhound, Tay. (Mateo) She had this red ball that she loved more than anything else. When it became nothing but a flattened piece of rubber it became a choking hazard and had to be taken away. Do you think any of us could come up with a ball even close to the specialness of that one? We never did. Luckily a move to a new home took her mind off the ball and her one-toy obsession was a thing of the past.

I chose her as my Animal Wednesday model today because of the way that ball is stuffed in her mouth, reminding me of all the people who'll be overindulging tomorrow! I'll also be having Thanksgiving at her house trying to avoid her big, brown pleading eyes. No Tay, go lie down. I may have to tell her to go find 'red ball' so we can eat in peace :)

HAW to all of you, and blessings to my friends who will be celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow!


  1. She is a beautiful dog! How sad to lose a favorite toy.

    HAW and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  2. What a beautiful dog. I know many dogs that love their ball. I hope to not be too stuffed tomorrow. Haw and Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. She is sooo pretty!! and seems so playfultoo =)

  4. What a beautiful dog!
    I love grey/deer hounds! I admire them.
    Hope you will have a wonderful thinksgiving and don´t overeat yourself.
    Here in Holland we don´t celebrate thankkkksgiving but I sure like the thought behind it......
    Here we have Saint Nicolaas (the 5th of December)and Christmas and there is a huge focus on food.......too bad.
    Give Tay a hug from me.
    love >M<

    ps I am grateful to know you!

  5. what a gorgeous dog...yes i agree, why is it always about food? sigh.... have a great and happy thanksgiving dear bloggy friend. xx

  6. Grayhounds are the best walking dogs. And they have a really nice disposition. At least the ones I've seen.

  7. hahaha! thanks for the smile, studio lolo. i hope you had a good thanksgiving.

    i am thankful and glad to get to know you!

  8. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Tay is gorgeous...but she looks like she knows it.


  9. That dog is so cute! I think she knew that the red was a good color combination with her shiny coat!

    I hope you are getting re-energized by your sweet little pup Emma and she is giving you lots of extra attention, you have had quite a run of animal emergencies with clients animals lately, I have to believe it must be hard on your emotions.


  10. Cute and adorable doggie, Happy thanksgiving!

  11. I'm so sad she lost her favorite toy to the trash. Isn't it funny how they know the word "ball"? Sully does too. Hope your holiday was filled with blessings.

  12. Actually, her mom put the remnants of red ball away. Kind of like keeping your childs first toy :)