Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cat's out of the bag...Six more random facts

I was tagged by the delightfully clever Connie to come up with six random facts about myself. I promise not to have this list be as serious as the previous one!

1) I only have time to read for pleasure at bedtime and I fall asleep after one or two paragraphs! It's been years since I've finished a book. That's just wrong!

2) I'm an old-fashioned letter writer. I love sending pretty cards in the mail for no other reason than to make someone smile.

3) I make friends easily. My husband jokingly calls me "the second coming of Oprah!"

4) He also calls me the pied piper because of my "animal magnetism." :)

5) Whenever there's a disaster on the news the first thing I think about are if any animals were involved. I can't help it.

6) I love warm, sweet corn on my salads. Mmmm!

If you'd like to participate, follow the rules on Connie's blog or do what I'm doing, just tossing it out there for those who want to play! It's always fun to hear more about our friends!


  1. We have many similar likes!!! I always put corn on my salads, but haven't tried it warm...I will HAVE TO NOW!!!!!!! LOL

  2. these are all terrific reasons to like you.


  3. Your kitty is pretty and your random facts are interesting.

  4. Oh my gosh, what a beautiful cat portrait! Fun facts Oprah :)

  5. That's a beautiful cat you let out of the bag. I'm with you there on the sweet corm in salads. We used to buy a bushel of sweet corn for a $1. It was Illinois, after all.

  6. I like you much better than Oprah! (I´m not a fan of her)
    The animal facts we have in common for sure!
    I love warm corn. Can´t read well .
    hug >M<

  7. Love the accompanying illustration to these fun facts! Tags are always such great reads and another wonderful way to learn more about a talented artist like yourself. Thanks for sharing.

  8. There is a good reason to think of the animals. Remember that song "Bless the beast and the children,Give them shelter from the storm..." I would be upset if our pet rabbit was abandoned during a storm. We should love our animals, they make us better people.

  9. Oh I almost forgot, what a lovely illustration.

  10. You are so friendly:)
    Friend forever^^

  11. Stunning kitty! Wow!

    Me, too. I enjoy reading, but it's a surefire way to put me to sleep. Takes me forever, and by the time I finish a book, I've forgotten how it started. :)

  12. reading these makes one love you more...
    your inner cat is as cute as the cat you've painted here...