Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Art Loving Award

Atomic Velvet Sigh has bestowed another award on me for which I'm very grateful. This time I wish to pass it on to all who have visited me in the past, and all those who visit me in the future. Your comments and encouragement means so much to me. Joining the community at Illustration Friday has been just the therapy I've needed these past two years!

Here's to all of you who take time out of your day to stop by and leave me a message. You keep me going!

Please pass this award on to anyone you choose. It's a beauty! (Thanks, AVS!)


  1. oh im so glad you loved the award as well! 8)

    really, thank you for being such a sweet and wonderful friend all these years!

    xoxo 8)

  2. Hi Lauren, yes we did receive your gift, I sent you an email to say thanks, I guess it didn't get through! The books are absolutely beautiful, you are a multi-talented woman!!! I'm sure Jake is going to love them.

    T x

  3. You're always fun to stop by and see.. :)

  4. Oh, congratulations on a well deserved award!!! I'm so glad that you blog. ;)