Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Animal Wednesday...

...can be found here this week. HAW!!


  1. i got your lovely lovely postcard in the snail mail this am. it is so beautiful it made my heart melt...also your words. you have become such a fantastic friend both in blogland and out! hugs and wfs...will post it today to show everyone -it's just RIGHT for how i'm feeling right now!

  2. I like the earlier post about how your painting just might have helped your friend sell her house at full price. Just think of the implications if you could do it consistently. You could have saved Lehman brothers with a timely mural.

  3. lol @ neil.. yeah thats the first lehman brothers quote of the day for me.. and i think it was really a sweet thing you did too.. 8)

    good morning and glad you like the award..

  4. oh im so sorry about the linking on the post. i have updated now but you can also grab the image here

    8/ yay.. 45 mins.. now i feel guilty..