Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Animal Wednesday : Dare To Be Different!

I love it when people dare to be different. I think we should all embrace our true selves, and the heck with other people's judgements! No matter our flaws, I think we all possess a gift to be shared with others.

Happy Animal Wednesday my fine-feathered friends!

collage and rubber stamps made into notecards


  1. Now you are daring to be different...it's Tuesday!

    Love the post.


  2. aahhhh hahahahahahaha!! I was wondering why all of you guys were so slow in posting today!

    Today I vaccuum and spackle the studio and then I'm all done...maybe I was in a bit of a hurry for it to be over :)
    Oh well, HAW a day early!!

  3. Funny!

    See, you're a maverick without even trying!

    Love the lil boids! Your collages are so gorgeous. They're so rich with image, yet you know just when to pull back and let it breath and be beautiful.

  4. Yessss. I LOVE it!

    The combination of all the different elements is so thoughtful and really gorgeous results!

    [even if it is tuesday, haha]

  5. Haha you sure are different and one day ahead I see.
    Lovely card and message± I agree with you, dare to be different!

  6. I read this and thought "damn, and here I thought it was Tuesday!". Well, a good shock to the system. Anyway....the sentiment is just great!

  7. HAW Studio Lolo. I love the bird collage. The Western Tananger is one of my favorite birds.

  8. 'birds of a feather stick together', and i'm so glad i have stuck with you! and 'the early bird catches the worm' HAW early birdie!

  9. Dam straight! Lovely colors in this piece. I just posted mine.

  10. LOL-I lose what day it is sometimes too. Oh well. Love the birdies-birds are a lot more fascinating creatures than I ever imagined they were. Makes you wonder what else we miss?

  11. You are a gem, and this is lovely!

    "Play your own kind of music, sing your own special song, even if nobody else sings along" I'm missing the music... mine's off too. Maybe I should turn it back on....
    maybe it's one of those dare to different things...

  12. daring to be different - love this image, my dear.

  13. very nice. very subdued. have you ever done encaustic - i have been trying to get a handle on it and yours has a feeling of that.

  14. You said it sista! ;0

    (that's just me being weird. i don't really talk like that.) :)


    (yep, that's my son singing. i'll tell him you liked it)

  15. Ah yes, to be different. It's a good practice, letting go and not worrying about standing out or blending in??

    Happy you're free to create without having to make the rent.

    Have a splendid weekend L!

    Peace to you ~M

  16. this piece looks great with all the wonderful birds!!! thanks for popping in...


  17. This is gorgeous; how'd I miss this one! I also approve of the sentiment!
    Ankle's almost good as new; thank you.

  18. DAring... daring... *poof*

    yea... great birds. I watched the chickadees from my studio window today while it rained, it was a perfect painting day... also, I think we have attracted all of the goldfinches in Southern Oregon with the thistle seed bags... my mother-in-law (Beverly) loves to watch them eat all day

  19. Ooooh! Love the little row of birds at the bottom!!! I certainly hope I am back for good! Sometimes other things just take over though!

  20. Fabulous...gotta admit thought Teri's comment was hilarious! :)

    All the best ! :)