Saturday, January 21, 2012

Suki's Emily

Okay, I have been absent long enough.
I really miss posting and visiting, so I'm going to start with the very last painting I did and then hopefully have more to post very soon.

This is a portrait of our friend Suki's beloved and sorely missed cat, Miss Emily Dickinson.
I went to Suki's blog and borrowed a photo to paint from. The photo wasn't very clear but I did my best to capture her spirit. Suki approved and was quite touched and grateful.
It's a simple portrait trying to capture an enormous little spirit.
We are never, ever ready to let them go, but we must in order for them to move on.

I hope to be back soon with something new from my easel. I miss you all!



  1. Welcome back and yes you were sorely missed.
    The kitty portrait is beautifully done; and I've no doubt that it brought a tear to her eye and warmth to her heart, our dear Suki.
    Very thoughtful and sweet of you to do.

  2. Yeaaaaaaa.. we did miss you. Love this portrait of Sukis cat. I saw it on her blog but not this large. You do such lovely work. She will cherish it for sure. Welcome back.

  3. ah lo, im happy your finding some time just for you and your art too. i hope it fills you up and helps you feel better too.

    very sweet kitty painting, i bet suki will love it.

  4. I've been gone awhile too so had not noticed you were away from the computer. I don't know Suki but have seen her comments here and there - your portrait of her cat is beautiful and treasured I'm sure.

  5. This is such a thoughtful and loving gift to Suki!
    And yes I saw it before but it is better to see it in a post of you!!! ;)
    It is a lovely capture of Emily! Sure Suki will always treasure it!
    I love how she is staring at a certain point and no one can do animal eyes better than you dear!

    Good to see you doing a post.
    I am also trying my best to show up at blogger but sometimes I am just busy just like you and all I can do is try my best.

    You take care dear!!!

  6. It's a gorgeous painting and Suki will always look at it. I look at mine (of Samson) everyday to say "hi boy". Your pet paintings are just wonderful - really.

  7. lo, such a beautiful painting. i see it every morning as i sit a my computer. you have captured emily's soul and spirit. my heart aches for her still, she was a most special cat. they all are but she even more so.

    good to hear from you. be well, suki

  8. Lo, This is a sweet and wonderful painting and I know it touched Suki's heart.
    We miss you too!

  9. Wonderful, soulful painting...she so suits the name Miss Emily. What a very special friend you are!

    By the way, the bears arrived in good order...they're so precious! Thanks again...xx

  10. What a great painting. Very nice. I see that you knew Renee as well. She is missed so much. We all loved her. Have a great week.

  11. That's a great cat portrait. And welcome back.

  12. I've seen this on Suki's blog and thought what a wonderful and thoughtful gift that was. So sweet.

  13. MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW!!!! It's Ms. Emily - you captured her wonderful spirit!!!! Love it!

    ♥ LS ♥

  14. Welcome back! I love the colors and her dignity. Thank you and I hope you are well! xoxo!