Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Letter to my Uncle

Dear Uncle Don~

I learned this morning that you left us in the wee hours of the night.
That's just like you to slip away quietly. I hope you know you were surrounded my many in mind and spirit. I'd like to think Aunt Jean was waiting for you with open arms.
I'm sure she was. And Hogan and Tom were there wagging their tails.

You were more af a dad to me than an Uncle. You were my rock.

We shared so much. Our love of nature and all living things.

Quiet moments...

There wasn't anything that didn't fascinate you.

I'll miss our weekly talks and I'll treasure all the conversations between us.
You were my confidant and true friend.

When my friends put you up in their guest room while we were packing to move, you became family in an instant. You never enter a life without entering their hearts.

You dazzled us all with your self-taught piano magic. Fats Waller would have been proud of you!

My life is richer for having known you.

There's a giant space in this world without you in it, but I know there's a new star in the sky now.
You shined bright while you were here, too.

Goodbye dearest Uncle. I know I'll hear from you again.

 I'll treasure your drawings which have a place of honor in my studio.
You were the kindest, dearest soul and I will miss you deeply.
Thank you for all you've taught me and shared with me for so many years.

Blessings to you on your new journey,

Love always,



  1. Oh no........ How sad. We knew this would happen but still it will be as a shock to you.
    He looks and sounds like such a special man. I know you would have like to see him but sometimes there is just too much distance and too much going on.
    I am in tears for you and your uncle I feel the pain you must be feeling.
    lets hope his wife and animals are waiting for him.
    Big big hug for you dear! Your uncle knew he was in your mind and heart.
    My condolences and love to you

  2. I know for a fact you meant as much to your uncle don as he meant to you. I am so sorry, lo. It's obvious he can never be replaced and he will live in your heart forever

    I like to think Stella is still in heaven arrival camp and is greeting uncle don, telling him you are a friend of hers

    He will continue to have your back, lo. I think it works that way, the forever bonds of love

    My heart joins yours, my beloved friend, in this time of mourning


  3. I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your uncle with us in this post - what a wonderful man! xoxo

  4. One is NEVER truly prepared to lose a loved one. I can feel your pain - all the way to SF.

    All of the photos are wonderful....revealing a man with a sweet and kind face....and a man who loved YOU.....taught you so much about the true beauties of life...he helped to mold you into the amazing woman you are today - Laurel! I know you taught him you grew up, he could see the gentle spirit within you...the inheirited artistic talent....the love of animals and nature....he was the father you never had.

    I share your grief, dear BS....and keep Don in my prayers. He remains within your heart and will live on every time you create a painting, or see the clouds drift or feel the wind blow your hair.

    Love and Strength,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. Oh my. I am crying. What a dear man he was and how you will miss him. This is a beautiful post, telling us of his wonderful qualities and how he had such a big place in your life and heart. A big hug to you. Blessings, Suki

  6. What a beautiful tribute to an obviously amazing man. Words and photos brought to life a soul I never knew~~so very vividly.
    My heart is with you dear Lo, as I am sure are many.
    I am sure you Uncle is smiling down on you now.
    Take care dear.


  7. Oh, Lo, I am so sorry. I can look at his face and tell he was a kind and dear person. Take care of you - I know this has to be taking a toll. Lots of love - Pam

  8. sending the biggest hug, i hope the memories of your dear uncle comfort you now and always.

    this was a very beautiful tribute to him laurel dear.

  9. What a robust and vital man he was, Laurel. What he lost physically, he trebled with his smile. Blessings to you and yours. Annie

  10. What a very lovely tribute to your uncle. I know he will be deeply missed.

  11. Uncle Don is smiling down at you Lolo. You were so blessed to have him in your life. He was blessed to have you, your love and admiration. Big Hugs.

  12. An absolutely beautiful tribute Lolo. He would be so happy you did this. I am sending hugs for this huge loss in your life.

  13. An amazing and beautiful tribute! it was a wonderful blessing to have him in your life. Now you will carry him in your heart everywhere you go! My deepest sympathy and blessings to a life well lived. Hugs, to you, beloved.

  14. Laurel I hold you in my heart...your words in loving tribute to your uncle touched me very deeply. What a blessing to have someone like him in your life...I am sure he felt the same about you. ♥

  15. In the midst of grief and sadness you have assembled a touching and marvelous tribute. I'm sure your Uncle would be proud and that he'll tell you so when you meet again.

  16. Sending warm hugs, and deep sympathy for your loss. It's hard letting go of loved ones, even when they've led full, long lives. Thanks for sharing. He looked like a happy, handsome chap!

  17. Oh, I'm so sorry, Lo. He looks like such a kind, wise man, with a great sense of humour. Thank you for all the photos...this is such a wonderful tribute to a very well-loved man. You'll meet again.

    Love and hugs...

  18. I'm so sorry Lo, this is a lovely post and your uncle would have loved it I'm sure. You two had such a special bond.

    Sending you much love and many hugs

  19. Dear Laurel - such a lovely tribute to your dear Uncle. Very sorry to read of his passing - thinking of you and sending a big hug.xxxx

  20. Laurel, this is a wonderful tribute to a very special person. It is obvious how much you loved him and I'm sure he knew it, too. My thoughts are with you. Peace.

  21. So sorry about your loss. I am sure you made a difference in his life as he made in yours. Lovely tribute to him Lolo.

  22. I am so sorry for your loss, Laurel. He looked like an amazing and wonderful man! God bless him! Take care of yourself, OK???
    Loads of love to you...Julie

  23. Dear Laurel, I'm so sorry for your loss - you were fortunate to have such a wonderful man in your life - he sounds like a beautiful soul. My heart goes out to you and my prayers are with you. His drawing, while so simple, is elegant and beautiful.

  24. I am late getting here, but I am so sorry To hear about your uncle.
    Giant hugs. xoxo