Saturday, January 28, 2012

Six Word Saturday #20

~After the storm
I seek solace~

Well, this has been a time of turbulence.
Friends and loved ones sick and dying.
No time for art to speak of.
Not much time to connect because there's such a dis-connect right now.
Because I believe in the cyle of things I know this will pass.

This is NOT meant to be a downer of a post, but one of hopefulness that things will begin to turn around.

I'll be back soon!

photo locations from top to bottom:Barrington Beach, Rhode Island, Pueblo west, CO,  again...Pueblo West, CO, Provincetown, Mass, my back yard in Barrington, Rhode Island,  Cove Haven Marina, Barrington, Rhode Island, and finally, Barrington Country Club, Barrington, Rhode Island.

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  1. of course you choose the final photo with a new dawn.

    aw lo, damn and double damn. so much is happening, so much is in correction and healing mode. the one thing i can say with certainty is i will stand by and beside you forever more. i'll be bouncing next to you on any bumpy road. you've done that with me probably more times than you even know.

    my prayer machine is in fourth gear.

    you gotta paint, girl. really


  2. Gorgeous, thought-provoking photos....they are beautiful....and yes, sad.

    I hope you are feeling ok....miss hearing your voice!

    You are right - life goes in cycles, and this one will pass!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  3. wow.. They are all great, but that photo is awesome. We miss you and hope things work out soon for you. Your talent is to good to let sit idle for long.

  4. p.s. that photo in your yard, the lone black bird in winter white: omg, it is gorgeous.

  5. Sorry for sadness and losses. Choice of photos are magnificent.
    That IS art.
    Hugs for getting through what you are going through just now.
    Be gentle with yourself, and see you when you come round again.
    More hugs.

  6. Dear Laurel, sorry to hear that you have so much to deal with right now. Your photos are just gorgeous and I agree with Lynn - beautiful art. xx

  7. life does seem to move in cycles - sorry to hear that yours is filled with sadness right now, but with time the cycles change and laughter and art will be back in your life. Looking forward to those times with you.

  8. I truly understand...sending you my weather-beaten wings.

  9. sorry this has been a hard cycle for you. spring though, is on the way in more meanings than one.

    love the second to last photo of the sun trying to shine behind the clouds.

    big hug, suki

  10. Reliance on The Dharma of Impermanence, refusing to cling to either positive or negative emotions, will see you through, I'm sure.

    Stunning photography. Salute!

  11. Beautiful photos Lo; deep thoughts.
    But after every low point, there is the upswing.
    Hang on as it is coming!
    Have missed you too, but life comes first and everything else falls into it's own place.
    Big hugs from COLD Indiana....


  12. it ain't easy being a human is it? As I know, all the crisis' pass and other things wait to take their place, good and bad - but it's all how we approach it...and I think you're doing pretty good dear.
    miss you, wish we had gotten together yesterday but we will soon.

  13. I know how much you hurt, lo. I know that ache well. And the turbulence of that storm you're in right now...well, it is familiar, as well.

    I've missed you, too, and I so hope you will dash some of that grief onto canvas...some of your best work could be waiting to come out now.

    Hang on, hon, those crashing waves will soon smooth out a bit...

    Fantastic wonderfully peaceful. xx

  14. Beautiful photographs! So sorry for the turbulence in your life. I, too, hope it passes and your seas will be calm once again.

  15. Lovely opening quote, nice glowing candle, great photos and the best part of every storm, is the afterwards ...when peace and beautiful rays of golden sunlight comes again....

  16. I know you mean this to be hopeful but now I am really sad because I am so far away and there is so little I can do from here to support you. Only think of you .....
    And yes this will pass but right now you have to deal with it. Know you are always in my heart...