Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Animal Wednesday: Snow Crow

I've been busy trying to get things painted for holiday sales at the gallery and on Etsy.
Here's the first in my series of Snow Crows.
What better way to say Happy Caw-lidays!!

OH, but today is Animal Wednesday so I guess I should say,
Happy HAW-lidays!


  1. Perfect fort any day!
    No one is better in painting crows than you dear!!!
    His corvid pal is here! Have to go to the big city to get a frame!

    HAW! Happy everyday!

    love ♥♥♥

  2. I dont want to think about snow. very pretty of course, but not my favorite re: cold. This is a sweet painting however. Arent you good to be getting holiday things gathered. Good luck. love, Suki

  3. I love the HAW-lidays!!! sounds like a theme to me

  4. It's gonna sell fast!

    Ms super duper talented artist.

    You know how much I love this......

    ......and YOU!

    I think you should do a collection for the shop and maybe for etsy too :)

  5. Oh, I love this crow! Or is it a raven? We have a raven couple that lives in our backyard. I will say "Happy CAW-lidays!" to them from you. ;) xox!

  6. That Mim....she just cracks me up!

    But, seriously, I love this Snow-Crow..... and yes, I am one of those "crazies" who loves snow....
    (except for driving in it)....

    No one - and I mean it - can paint these magical birds like you....Big Sista....

    Love and Autumnal Hugs to you, "SH", the Princess and of course, "Fear the Beard"! Haw-haw!

    ♥ Little Sista ♥

  7. You are very funny and very talented! I bet your HAWliday cards sell in abundance!

  8. LOVE those snow crows!! I'm waiting for one wearing snowshoes. teehee


  9. oh dear, did you say holidays? i am going to come here for inspiration okay lo?
    your snow crow is just gorgeous, i love the colors and the size is so lovely, it will grace whereever it lands.
    happy aw!

    p.s. thank you ♥

  10. In the last photo, it looks like the crow is studying his self-porttrait!

  11. Beautiful! I know these will be big sellers! xoxo

  12. You are too funny Lolo. This painting is Caw fully beeoootiful.
    HAW to you too.

  13. Perfect for winter holidays!Love it!

  14. Ahhh yes, another gorgeous crow painting!
    And I agree,,,,it will be a big seller, where ever you offer it!

  15. Interesting how the word giggle has been turning up in my life lately. First there was Giggles Bakery (new here in town), then Giggles childrens clothing store. And now, a BIG Giggles sign (over your fireplace?) I think the universe is telling me to laugh.