Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Tardy Thankful Thursday

I can't believe how late I am in posting these wonderful gifts from the past few weeks. Forgive me!
This postcard was painted by Cris in Oregon and it arrived as a total surprise to me!
Most of you know that I'm a raving raven fanatic and I often feature them in my work. To receive one as a gift really touches me.
Thank you Cris. I love him!!

I'm afraid these next 2 photos are a bit blurry and yellow. I apologize. The lighting in here is bad sometimes and even worse with a flash!
Marianne sent this vinyl pouch made from recycled materials with pictures of world stamps. The envelope comes pre-addressed to "My Darling Planet Earth."
Imagine my surprise when I opened it to find 2 wonderful notecards and my gorgeous 'yoga' atc from our exchange, but also...

...the stamps she has been collecting from her mail from all over the world! She knows I use them in my collages so she sent them to me. How sweet! And there's also some money from Hong Kong in case I want to go shopping there ;)
Some of these stamps are unbelievable, like that huge one on top from Malaysia!
Thank you spoil me rotten!!♥

And finally we have this beautiful package from Caroline in Malaysia.

Here is a close-up of the hand painted pretty!!

We all know Caroline loves red poppies! I think these may be from some paper napkins I sent her, collaged on and then embellished.

And look at all this stuff!! A beautiful fabric fan, so much appreciated in this heat and humidity!!
She also sent me one of her lovely hand made sketchbooks which I plan to do something special in to share at a later date.
And there are some tiny gift tags to match the Asian theme and LOOK!!! She had the same idea and sent me postage stamps too. These are all birds. (I see a bird theme coming up in the sketchbook.) And this stunning feather~the irridescence is unbelievable. I tried to capture it but I failed.
She doesn't remember what or where the feather came from~possibly England, possibly a duck!!

What beautiful, thoughtful gifts from three special ladies.
Please be sure to visit them to see more of their work.

Thank you, my friends. I'm a lucky girl!


  1. Lo, you are indeed a lucky send out so much love into the world, it is natural the world loves you back! All of these gifts are TREASURES.... and they are so "You"! It inspires me to see the love from all over the globe....


    ♥ Robin ♥

  2. So happy you like the post card. kind of nervy to do a crow painting for the master of crow painters but it was fun. You are indeed well loved.. look at all those goodies you got with stamps too. Have fun collaging.

  3. What a beautiful assortment of goodies!!!! I LOVE your header....just love it! I have missed everyone so much. Have not done ANY art....just no time and when there is a little, seem to be blank as what to do...stressed too... but so good to catch up with you a bit!!!!

  4. You are mightly blessed Lolo. It really doesn't matter when you post your thanks. I will look at it as a day early post. :)

  5. Lolololo-I love everything, but that Raven and all the wonderful stamps I envy them. You are lucky and Robin said it right, you put love out there it is bound to come back. xoxo

  6. This entire post is stamped all over with love for you! ♥ Well deserved very well deserved! Hugs! :)

  7. Such fabulous gifts! That Cris is so sweet, she has been busy painting!
    You are indeed blessed Lolo and so well deserved!

  8. Dear Lolo,

    Robin says it so beautifully can i just say me too what she said?! this was so much fun and lovefilled. It is just like Christmas at your house!

    enjoy your lovely treasures, i'm sure you are.


  9. It gave me real pleasure to put together the package just for you Laurel! I hope you have fun with it - you've certainly plenty of stamps to collage to your heart's content! Love the raven from Cris!

  10. Gorgeous, all of it, Lolo! You are so deserving!!! Have a happy Friday@@@

  11. oooh, a new font on studio lolo's blog!

    you are most deserving of all these love gifts. who loves and gives more than you? although my mailbox is currently in withdrawal...where oh where is a card from lo?, it cries. i respond, mailbox! don't be selfish! lo spreads her creativity and good wishes all over the world. be still, mailbox, and share the love.


    okay sometimes i get carried away.
    oh! one more thing! ♥!

  12. what a cornucopia(love this word) of delights. wow! all so deserved as you are very very generous.

  13. All your treasures are beautiful, but I'm especially loving the red poppies - they are gorgeous!

  14. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it all. Such thoughtful friends. It's a wonderful life!

  15. You deserve all this and more:)
    And indeed what Robin daid everything is so you!
    Amazing crow painting by Chris!
    And I love the color combination of Caroline's package these colors all go so well together, amazing feather!
    So you are coming on a shopping spree with me to HK? I saved that money becayse I thought it was such an awesome bill, maybe in a collage.....?

    See u soon!!!!!!
    (sounds unreal but it is real!!!!)