Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back in Commission

Well, after a long dry spell in my first year back in Rhode Island I am thrilled to say I finally have a little income trickling in thanks to friends and art commissions.
KJ's partner JB commissioned the raven above and the gorilla below to go with this owl (top one) KJ bought her. JB thought the owl needed the company of these two! 
I just did the gorilla last night so JB hasn't seen it yet~thank goodness she doesn't blog!! She named the raven, Joe. I wonder how the gorilla will present itself, male or female. I'm feeling female energy here when I look in her eyes.  Both paintings are only 4"x4".

I have another commission to start now from Anne over at el Milagro Studio!
(Bless you Anne.) I won't say what it is or post it until Anne has it in her hands. I want her to get the first glimpse ;)
If you haven't been over to see her, please do. She's a wonderful artist herself and a real hoot!

It feels good to be back in the saddle again after having no income for a year. It all starts with a small step, but I feel the gates may open any day now.
Thank you Universe!!
Thank you friends♥  


  1. I definitely think the gorilla is female...she has that soft maternal look. Both the raven and gorilla are stunning...they have your unique touch, lolo!

    It's so great to have a little income coming in. I do that with my writing, and payment is sparse at times, and at other times I'm over the moon...sure that I will be financially independent. Heh!

    But, with your talent, I'm convinced the Universe will smile long and hard on you!

  2. I am thinking sensitive male, for sure. Look at the eyes.

  3. Such GREAT news Lolo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so wonderful that the 'world' is recognizing and wanting your beautiful (and I mean beautiful) art. You always such expression in your pieces.

    ♬Happy days♫ are here again♬♬

  4. LOLO, that gorilla is so awesome!!! I kinda feel like he is a male, but then again, one can't be quite sure.....:)

    Do you place your painting on Ebay? There is another place called www.Boocoo.com that is supposed to have lower fees than Ebay that is just getting started up...you might check thaqt out too!

    God bless, and good luck!

    I have a job interview today at 3pm, and I KNOW I will be buying more cards as soon as I am able...I LOVE YOUR CARDS!!!!! Let me just say that again...I LOVE YOUR CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!! He he he.
    xoxo- Julie

  5. Congratulations Laurel. I know that must feel so wonderful. I think the gorilla is definitely a Miss. Her eyes are so gentle and shy.

  6. I can only echo everyone......your work is BEAUTIFUL.......you are a truly talented artist....and I feel that more commissions will be coming your way soon.

    Enjoy your week with Family!


    ♥ Robin ♥

    p.s. I vote for a female gorilla....those eyes are so soft and gentle....

  7. Totally beautiful,lo. I almost fainted when I saw this exquisite gorilla. I hope jb names her Sally :)

    I hope everyone knows how affordable these little gem paintings are. What you charge your friends here is nothing short of amazing.

    Love love

  8. Hey Lolo,

    It is always a struggle getting reestablished with art (just ask me...no, don't you need to paint! LOL!).
    I am in no rush. (yes I am! yes I am!) No seriously...I'm not. Because when you just let the paint and canvas talk, wonderful things happen!
    And I will be glad when I am back at that point again.
    But work is work.
    Delighted for you!


  9. These are marvelous Lolo. I love the eyes,they are speaking volumes. Great to be back in comi$$ion.

  10. Hurray!!!
    yes everything begins with the first step!
    Congrats on your new commissions. Sure this is the beginning. Once you are in the flow RI will notice you too!

    The gorilla is female to me too!
    The raven is cute! They would make a lovely trio!~
    Beautiful work!

    You go girl!

  11. gorgeous!

    of course there is always the ideas of
    I love my auntie because....
    I love my two mommies because....
    I love my doggie because....

    I love my friend lolo because....

  12. That gorilla has the sweetest eyes! And the Raven is a love as well. I know both will be loved and appreciated. I love hearing of artists selling their work. Bravo and more is coming to you now I am sure of it.

  13. This is going to be a wonderful trio - lucky JB! Love the Raven (of course) and the Gorilla looks like a missy to me! Congrats Laurel - I know your feelings only too well and I know you deserve more recognition. Here's hoping that many more people find you and that this is the first of many commissions! Good luck, my friend.x

  14. Of course that is one fine raven, as all of yours are, but OMG the gorilla is a fantastic OLD SOUL. Just look in her eyes,,,it's all there, she is spiritual,that's all there is to it! A spiritual old soul,,,so beautiful!
    Your God given talents are being rewarded, and will only become more so, I feel it!

  15. i could easily order 100 commissions. i'm saving for the art fair. i see ms. lololo christmas presents in my future.

    my favorites of all that you do are these soulful animals. you see deep inside them.

    wake up lo! it's time to have breakfast!


  16. Oh Lolo, congratulations! I have never seen a more beautiful raven, it's just incredible. And the gorilla, i've seen so many photos of them, my husbands been to Rwanda and seen them (hopefully we'll go before too long,probably the DRC)and i think you've captured this beautiful one just right.
    I hope these commissions just keep coming for you!

    xoxo lori

  17. one animal that I love and watch forever are gorilla's. I adore them. if Lori goes to see them I'm gonna go in her suitcase (or backpack as the case might be)

  18. if lori goes to see the gorillas and mim sneaks in her suitcase, i'm squeaking and sneaking into into something too. who could miss a trip like that: wonderful people and wonderful gorillas in the same place?


  19. Congrats on getting the commission work. It seems to take awhile to get things going, But looks like your on the right track now. I love these, they are wonderful.

  20. You jumped in with both legs!! These are beautiful and full of feeling (as I know your art to be). Such strength and tenderness. CONGRATS!!

    I'm still deciding on the gorilla.....

  21. Really glad for you,you earn it.

    Yeah a girl for sure,Beaudor thinks too.

    Have a wonderful weekend and lots of commisions,

  22. Lo, these are beautiful, Lucky kjb!
    Wait tell you get the "book" and start the process, I know my sales have tripled!I need to make more stuff! Love and kisses.

  23. i couldn't be more thrile dfor you lolololo, and you seem to be so blessed with the love and friendship of kj and jb. you go girl!!!

  24. Really like both of these...great soul to the gorilla and I like the cropping on the raven...

  25. Beautiful illustrations. I feel the gorilla is definitely female - she looks so intelligent...haha. The raven is lovely.

  26. I'm excited for you! I felt that way when I finally finished my book. Your paintings are beautiful and I'm sure you will do well! It's probably mostly word-of-mouth so you have to get stuff out there so people can see it.

  27. so cool to hang in a nice home ;)
    beautiful paintings and i sure do
    fancy that raven :D

  28. something about the blue, how ravens are and how gorillas aren't really black...you got them both spot on! And yay for the trickle, too!