Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Animal Wednesday: S.H. on High Alert!

If your home and yard is overrun with these .... 
Then you need to bring in the BIG GUNS and get one of these...

"What?" you ask...a blurry picture of a yappy little dog?


It's Squirrel Huntress and it's her job to rid every square inch of the earth (her yard) of those adorable (and oh so chasable) rodents with fluffy tails!!

(her mom never, ever lets her catch any.)

The reward of the chase is a loooong, wonderful nap!

Sweet dreams, sweet Emma ♥

Happy Animal Wednesday to all of our squirrely friends!


  1. Wonderful Cute Awesome... these are the words that first come to mind.

    I wish I had critters of that nature in my yard.

    lovely animal wednesday.

    best wishes

  2. so suspenseful. i could hear it being announced right after the intro to the lone ranger and tonto!

    aw, emma. you are also an angel catcher. your mom too....

  3. What a great shot of the squirrel.
    Robyn, Careful what you wish for.. cute as they are. ..They take over everything & all the bird food. They send out invites to all their friends too.
    We have Annie the Squirrel huntress and she does a great job of keeping them up in the trees too. Its her job you know. :)
    High five from Annie. :))
    Love your new header.

  4. Emma is a good dog to chase those nasty squirrels out of the garden. Luna has given up on them. She can't catch them. HAW.

  5. Oh, gosh, this is one snuggly girl!!! I love Emma. She would love to come and play with Doozey! There is nothing like a chi chi!!!! SWEEEEET!!!!!

  6. Hahaha! squirrels are super funny, good photo Lolo!

    Funny little squirrel huntress too, poor baby she probably wouldn't know what to do with one if she caught it? Oh wait! i'm thinking of owen and raccoons!

    i'm glad you don't let her though. i love the happy ending where all the animals live in peace and relative harmony. nighty nite little emma!

  7. My Roxie is like that, but here it's magpies, not squirrels. I like it when they make themselves so tired they just snuggle in for a long nap.

  8. That's a really cute shot of the squirrel, Laurel! We have them and smaller, skinnier versions which we call Scrats - a kind of cross between squirrel and rat- but both are a bit too big for the cats to get, though they'd love to! Having said that when we lived in Singapore one of our cats managed to chase a squirrel inside - needless to say, it was no fun for us to chase it out again! HAW

  9. How come I missed this one???!!!

    Oh that Emma! And those cute squirrels.... I have heard they can be a pest, but to me they are only cute cute cute.
    Well it is good she chases them away.

    What a great shot you took of him/her

    And Emma is always cute


  10. Squirrel Huntress!!! love that moniker - woohee Emma - you go girl - go get those annoying rodents.

  11. hey everyone, just a little side note here. I LOVE squirrels and I have a feeder for them in the yard. Before we enter the yard I yell over the gate and warn them that the Squirrel Huntress is coming and I keep Emma on her leash until all squirrels are safely UP the tree :)
    Emma loves jumping halfway up the tree and giving them the what for!!

    And Emma got her new title from Robin :)


  12. HAHAHA I bet she's dreaming about catching a squirrel. "Couldn't I have just one, Mom!"

  13. What photos! What a squirrel! But....the little "Squirrel Huntress" is just ADORABLE! I can visualise her in action.. trying to get up those tree trunks, hot in pursuit of her "prey". (Thank goodness her Mom keeps a vigilant eye on her... - cos' I bet you could catch one.)

    I love the "little poser".... yes, she has that "Best in Show" pose down pat!

    The last photo is so sweet.. look at that Angelic face.... bet we KNOW what she is dreaming about!

    Love to you, and the mighty "SH" oh, and Bliss too...can't leave her out!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  14. Thank God we have no squirrels in our backyard. Our Tanner would beocme truly demented.

  15. Oh I do have to say as a side note that I love the squirrels too and make concessions for them but once they get up to 12 in the yard its time for the huntress to go to work. But we warn the squirrels before she is going to be let out and once she did get close to one and used her nose to shoo it up the tree. She wouldn't hurt one. If I say enough she quits. Shes a border collie and herding is her instint. :)
    Would never want to hurt a critter.

  16. Great shots!!!! Almost makes squarrels cute. Emma is so cute!

    HAW a bit late.

  17. Well here I am, better late than never!
    Does Emma do house calls to rid one of chipmunks???
    I could provide a lot of home made doggie biscuits and a nice cushy pillow for her to rest on afterwards!
    (and yes, she would get to CATCH THEM....)


  18. Looks fearsome lol...funny to read how certain breeds of dogs that we consider wimpy dogs are actually used for such things as dragging badgers out of holes or fighting warf rats...

  19. what sound does a squirrel make?

    how would you say, "come on, emma, see if you can catch me hahaha..."

  20. Adorable post!
    Who'd know from looking at the last photo that Emma is such a fearless huntress? SWEET face!

  21. she is just the sweetest looking little doggie. and thatg squirrel photo is just great. kisses to emma from me please.

  22. Hi Lo, I love this post.I love Emma.She is a doll and a wonderful huntress. Miss you.

  23. Ha ha - sounds very familiar!!