Saturday, July 03, 2010

Six Word Saturday # 17

All dressed up
for the

Bristol, Rhode island has one of the biggest and most famous 4th of July parades in the nation. It is always featured on news across the country as well as CNN and FOX.
Yesterday my friend and I caught a glimpse of just a few houses that were dressed up along the parade route.
I love the one with "Betsy Ross" and camouflage guy on the porch!!
The top photo is an example of understated, yet lovely touches.
The little blue house has flags all along the wonderful stone wall, a typical New England sighting . There's an art to those walls.
I won't be attending the parade. You have to claim your spots by 4 A.M. or you get shut out! Like you, I'll watch it on the news ;)

Have a safe and happy 4th of July my friends!

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  1. ~wish our neighborhood had some holiday spirit...thanks for sharing...wishing you a wonderful holiday weekend...brightest blessings~

  2. Our parade for Canada Day was on July 1st. And now it is Stampede weekend, with another parade today!

    The Williams Lake Stampede is famous all over the world as well. Similar to the Calgary stampede, only smaller, it has numerous events, entertainment and enough excitement to last till next year! It is a huge rodeo, in case it is not as famous as I thought, haha!!

    I love the way Americans decorate their homes for July 4th. My favourite is the first one...very understated, although the second one I'm more likely to have seen on tv.

    Have a very happy 4th of July!!!

  3. Lovely - how patriotic! Happy weekend!x

  4. I think I am with you as far as the viewing goes. Happy 4th.

  5. Love the views. So patriotic!

  6. Good idea not to attend! I never want to fight big crowds! Hey, I will look for it on FOX or CNN though...that will be fun!

  7. P.S. Love these houses all decked out, BTW! Especially the yellow one, as my house is yellow, but not quite that bright (although I like it bright, and toned down with the trim color)!

  8. You are wise to stay home, curl up with Brian and the Furry Ones, have a glass of wine and watch it on tv!

    It's sweet though to look at all the effort tht went in to decorating those houses! We just don't see any of that here...

    A clear day forecasted for tomorrow..which means I will be able to see the fireworks over the Bay from my roof...


    ♥ Robin ♥

  9. Happy 4th to you too. I have to tell ya, I am not a big fan, the fireworks scare my animal boys and my neighbors will be firing them off for at least two weeks. Everything is all about the happiness of my boys :-).

  10. These places look great. Everyone is certainly in 4th of July mode. I hope you have a great one.

  11. you've just nudged me into the spirit of the holiday. here's to freedom, my beloved p.p. friend.

    next year i just might invite you and brian for a backyard cookout. will you come? :)

  12. Love those! We should decorate more for the fourth!

  13. What abundance in decoration!
    How wonderful to celebrate freedom!
    I will think of all of you tomorrow;)

    Lovely 6 words this is!

    have a fun weekend. Hope they keep the fireworks down for Emma's sake.....I h... firecrackers......Well not for me but for the animals. Here we have a lot at New Years Eve.... My dogs are not afraid but I know a lot of animals are and I feel sorry for my deer.....


  14. My parade will be back and forth from studio to fridge! :D
    Hey, I'm honest!
    I hated that the Boston Symphony is no longer broadcast on the 4th---that was a tradition with us, always watching and those amazing fireworks during the William Tell Overture! *sigh* (I loved the cannon part!)


  15. I hope you are having a wonderful relaxing weekend Lolo, thank you for sharing the photos, it's beautiful where you live!

  16. anne, i have to tell you that i have heard the boston symphony on july 4th on the banks of the charles river many times. the entire experience was always close to mystical. i didn't know it would not be broadcast. BOOHOO!

    (thank you ms. lolo for the temporary use of your blog)


  17. Happy 4th of July and M.birthday thought the houses were decorated for her ;-))

  18. I love these too, LOLO! Thanks for sharing, and you have a great 4th as well.

  19. happy 4th to you and yours lolololo

  20. I can't imagine having to claim a parade spot by 4 am! Wow...Thanks for sharing the pictures of the decorations, they are great!