Saturday, April 10, 2010

Six Word Saturday # 10

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the daffodils!

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Blithewold Mansion Gardens and Arboretum is having their annual Daffodil Days event this weekend. I took myself there Thursday before the crowds. Just me and nature and it was grand! And to top it off, the gift shop took two of my "rejected" paintings ;)
Life is good!

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  1. a fable from kj:

    i have a really good friend who moved back to new england from the west coast and i think she is gleefully rediscovering the unique beauty of a southern new england spring. i am very very glad for my good friend, because she knows how to see and appreciate everything around her and when she's happy i'm happy too.

    the end ♥

  2. That is gorgeous. I love daffodils!

  3. How gorgious!! Happy Saturday!

  4. i am so thrilled for you, enjoy enjoy enjoy.

  5. Whooo hooooo, I hope those paintings find homes quickly. Great view of the daffs with the statue in the middle of them.

  6. Beautiful !!!
    Happy 6WS

  7. What a beautiful photo and experience!
    Who REJECTED your paintings? NO! Would not happen! Can't believe it.
    And now they are accepted! As they should be. Silly others who knew not what beauty held!

    Your new banner is lovely!

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  9. Congrats on your paintings being accepted in that gift shop. May they sell those and want lots more. Eat your heart out Art group rejectors!! They might have done you abig favor! :)) Lovely photo too.

  10. You see !!!! There are people who recognize your unique talents!
    I am happy for you!

    What a great park that is and all those daffodils will make anyone happy!

    I am home again.
    Will go to bed early.

    Have a nice day Hope the sun will shine for you!!!!


  11. Love all the beautiful daffodils. My favorite. Great pic.

  12. that's my favorite arboretum (now)

  13. How totally happy...makes me feel like skipping through them! Great shot...:)

    BTW...Jack is safe and sound here in AZ...and has been for several weeks...I am just losing my mind...and I hope to find it soon.:) I promise Jack will make a special appearance next week...:)

  14. What a peaceful sight al those yellow flowers.
    And good for you they baught your Art I'm very happy for you.
    Big Hug,

  15. I love the beautiful things in life that God gave us...and also the talented people who know how to see it and create it in their craft.

  16. congrats. i know this place, a good friend who lives in Bristol goes there often and took me there once.

  17. knock knock.

    it's me, kj.

    want to come out and play?

  18. Beautiful! wish i was there to stroll with those daffodils :)

    Hello my name is Robyn and I have an invitation for you from me via kj, to join us in a creative project.
    For more details and to see who else is involved please read my post titled 'creativity and an invitation for you.'

    Thank you
    I hope you can join us.
    best wishes
    Robyn 'fragments treasures memory'

  19. Beautiful - I used to love my English garden full of daffs in the spring - so Wordsworth 'when all at once I saw a crowd, a host of golden daffodils' !! So pleased for you that you've had your paintings accepted - they were obviously meant for a better place!xx

  20. Stunning Spring Daffodils and gardens. I love the Spring flowers.

    Bright wishes.
    Jo May.:)

  21. seems it's not bad to follow someone once in a while... especially if that person is you...

    thanks for taking us to such beautiful places...

  22. Wow, so many daffodils! It's beautiful and I bet it smells amazing too.

    Thanks for playing 6WS!

  23. Wow, that's a patch of daffs! I can hear the birdsong in this one, for sure!

    Thanks for the spring walk :)

    Have a lovely weekend!