Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Animal Wednesday: Sumo Wrestler

Lately our cat Bliss has been wanting to cuddle up with our dog, Emma.
Not long ago Bliss went into attack mode when we first moved back to Rhode Island. Bliss wasn't well and she took it out on the dog. Emma won't soon forget that!
So when Bliss wants to cuddle, Emma gets up and slithers away.  
Not so yesterday. I was at the computer and heard a low moan come from Emma. My first reaction was 'she's having a seizure' because she has epilepsy. (We call it Emma-lepsy)
Anyway, I turned around to see Bliss pinning down Emma like a Sumo wrestler! Bliss is twice Emma's size and weight.
Bliss was determined to get that damn dog to cuddle!
Emma extricated herself after I snapped this picture:)

Happy Animal Wednesday!
Now go cuddle!


  1. Priceless shot! One you will always treasure. Speaking of treasures - you certainly are! Providing all that love and care to Emily and Bliss.... they KNOW they are loved! You are a SUPER Mom!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  2. Priceless. Absolutely priceless. Oops. I see that Robin said the same thing. LOL Well, it bears repeating, truly.

  3. This is adorable. we have two cats & a dog that wont cuddle with them because one of them scratched her nose when a pup. They are fine together now but she remembers and is leary still even tho twice the size of the cats now.

  4. it looks to me that Emma was afraid to move!

  5. Heeheehee! Lolo this is amazing that you got this shot!

    Wow, poor Emmakins - I love cats, but they can be so darn pushy sometimes, I bet this won't be the last time Bliss tries this!

    Have a great AW, glad the video made you smile!

  6. Ahhhh! and cuddle we all will...:) Great lighting in the shot...and a clever story to accompany it! :)

  7. i saw this on my iphone but i had to come home to blow it up on the big screen: hahahaha!

    way to go, blissy. sometimes you have to creatively ask for what you need.


  8. Oh there it is again!!!!!
    What a gorgeous picture! So recognizable!
    Just like my Minoes who just puts her ass on top of Koekie........

    Today when I came home my tissues were waiting for me ! So lovely!
    I will mail you in a moment!

    Love this picture and your new header.
    Robin's work of art:)
    So wonderful


  9. ...silent, but deadly...groans...I can hear them now!

  10. Emma i want to cuddle you to,

  11. Lolo I love your new Hadder.
    Big Hug,

  12. hilarious shot, and btw i love sumo wrestling, i think it is soooo sexy! call me wierd that's okay. hugs sis.

  13. OOOOO....LUV that Header! And, aren't I lucky to have the original displayed proudly in my home!

    Lo, you are a marvel - and we all adore you! (And the Furry Ones!)

    Hugs, and more hugs,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  14. Oh that is hysterical! I love it, great shot and I can just see Emma trying to slither away.

  15. aw, they are so sweet together. Bibs and Emily most often dont get along or at least dont want to cuddle but the other day Ems let Bibs touch her nose with his. so sweet.

  16. It looks like they are vieing for the warmest spot in the house. Poor Emma. She has a lot to put up with. ha...

  17. How cute...great story too!!!

  18. Oh how funny. Cute pick. Hope they will be getting along better from now on. Fun to share in this.

  19. Cute!! She really looks hefty - poor wee Emma! Your header is FABULOUS!!

  20. Wonderful photo. Bliss knows what is good for her :-).
    I love your header!

  21. awwwww! how darling! Guess what girl?
    you won my brochure giveaway!!!
    I put all the names in a hat and your name was chosen and you are the winner!!! Yay for you ;)

  22. I too have a dog that was prone to fits until I started giving dolomite in tablet form.
    I did this daily for about 3 months and he hasn't had a fit since.
    He is almost 16yrs old and living a fit free life :)

    I love it that your cat is trying to cuddle your dog... cute and funny.

    x Robyn

  23. That's one determined cat! I'll send you an email with more doggy stuff.

  24. Oh, what a terrific shot of both Emma and Bliss, although Emma looks like she's thinking...ok, Mom, take the photo and lemme outta here!...

    I wish I could have cats, since they are my favourite pet. Instead, I have two very large dogs who really don't like cats!

  25. At my daughter's house, the cat will stop to wash the dog's ears at every opportunity.

  26. Oh, funny, good thing you caught the moment! Poor Bliss, when will she learn that forced love doesn't work.....little Emma, bless her, have I told you that VG's name is Emma? LOVE THE HEADER!

  27. my furballs won't cuddle with each other, but luckily they cuddle wITH"XXCCCLK}}'//--okay that was a message from my kitty, she says hi... hee, hee I was trying to say they cuddle with me.

    p.s the robin's eggs are very springy!

  28. Too funny - your dog and cat are adorable!!

  29. Hilarious! So glad you caught that moment, hee hee!

    I just spent a lovely time catching up on all the posts I've missed lately. Soon I'll be done with my portfolio and have more time to get back to visiting regularly. But, wow, I miss having my regular doses of Studio Lolo! I miss you too girl!