Thursday, April 08, 2010

Thankful Thursday: Smatterings

This week I'm starting with gratitude at home. My landlord asked if I had any use for this counter. I knew right away it would be perfect for the studio so I could have a place to sit with friends and draw or paint. I recently bought comfy stools in chili-pepper red (not shown here) and they give the studio a little pizzaz! Come on over!
Here's the view from the dining room doorway.
I have to tell you I'm in the studio all the time. I just love it and feel very lucky to have stumbled upon this place after the first fiasco we lived in. Things happen for a reason!
This is my memory board where I keep treasures from all of you. I have to constantly change it because I can't fit everything on it!
Right now it has things from the following friends: Soulbrush, Renee, Marianne, KJ, Mim, Teri C, Debra Kay, and Lynn. Can you find your art? (click to enlarge)
Beieve me, all of you who have ever given me anything has been represented here and will be again. Thanks so much!
Many of you recognize this beauty by Marianne! She sent it to me recently with my amazing letter "P" from our abc/atc swap. I can't show it yet because it's not time. Besides, I don't usually show things from the other blogs I participate in on this blog. 
I probably should because not everyone goes to the other places.
Thank you Marianne! You know I love this dragonfly in my colors ;) ♥ 
I was lucky to get a popsicle stick bookmark from Teri C! She even put crows on it. And she also sent me this cute puppy! I love his wonky ears! Thanks Teri! I love them. ♥
 And finally, Miss KJ sent this Easter raven to me from Babs etsy shop! It was a real surprise! It hangs from my paper storage cabinet which is right where I can see it all the time. Thanks KJ! You're always so thoughtful and generous! ♥

One last note, I entered 3 paintings in a local art guild show which I recently became a member of. Not one of them was accepted! Funny, they raved about my work when I posted it on their site, but for some reason none of them were selected.
That doesn't make me feel too welcome. Still, I'll continue to paint in this wonderful studio and have my own damn shows! ;)
Today I'll pick up my rejected works and hold my head high and thank them for their consideration. It's a tight knit group there. I'm sure no one knew my name and that was that. As long as I know who I am, that's what matters ♥


  1. I love your creative space! It looks very welcoming in and fun to work in. Although it's kind of neat. Is it always that way? Mine is not! I'll have to post a pic of mine AFTER the carpet is replaced because then I'll put everything back nice and neat. Pox on the art guild! I would have selected your work! They might have a penchent for landscapes or portraits or something. It may be that they think your work is wonderful but it just doesn't fit the type for this show?

  2. Lo, what wonderful gifts you received. Isn't our KJ a marvel - always finding just the right thing to resonate with a person.
    All of these gifts reflect YOU!

    Your studio is great!

    Don't let the people who (stupidly) passed on your art get you down! You are a TRULY TALENTED Artist! And you will have your own shows - SOON!

    Big hugs,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  3. Lolo your atelier is looking great ,what a nice landlord you have.
    And yes I understand you get all these beautiful things,i always say what you give you get back someday...
    Searched in France for a card with a raven,but didn't found it yet...
    A big hug from Beaudor and me.

  4. I love your studio! Beautiful. And I love your header!. All those lovely gifts, how lucky you are.
    I can't believe your work would ever be rejected. Not for lack of talent my dear. Better luck next time. xoxo

  5. thanks ladies! I hope I didn't come across as whiney and I couldn't believe my work wasn't chosen, but I had forgotten how cliquey this area can be in the arts. (Or anywhere for that matter.)
    I'll have to earn my status back :)
    If I had painted a boat in the local harbor, yes, it would have made it in. That's just not my thing.

    Patty, the studio always looks like a bomb went off in it! These photos were taken just after I placed the counter in. You should see it now! ;P

  6. I love you studio, Lo. It's no wonder you are in there all the time.

    The raven from kj is really nice. I'll be visiting Bab's Etsy shop next.

    You have more courage than I when it comes to submissions. It's hard to get rejected after so much lavish praise. Tight groups is also what keeps me a loner most of the time. There's nothing like insecurity to keep one away from inspirational and educational fires. I hope you keep submitting and I really HOPE they eventually see your gift in it's own light, not theirs.

  7. Such a beautiful work and play space! Thank you for sharing with us.

  8. Oh your studio looks so inviting and fabulous, wish I could come and paint with you!!!

    Sometimes people just never cease to amaze me! How could they possibly pass up your gorgeous art. And you thought cliques were only in high school! We even have one in our retirement park!


  9. your studio is fabulous!! full of space and light and how lucky to get that table. Sorry about the show. Sometimes those groups are tight knit and hard to work into. Beautiful gifts adorn you and your life. take care, Suki

  10. Wow that counter looks great!!!
    I would love to sit in those chili pepper chairs one day with you!!!
    Your memo board is wonderful i love it how you have these ribbons on there so no pins are through the pieces. I don like to push pins through work or card......this is a clever solution!
    And so nice to see my little things among them!

    I love that bookmark from teri. they are so cool and this is so thoughtful to have one personilized for you!!!!!
    teri is a sweetheart!

    The raven hanger is swell!
    Kj is a dear as well!

    And for your rejected works of art.......
    Just don give up!
    And indeed you never know how these groups works....... Personally I think they are foolish rejecting your work. maybe the jury just sucks or they have different interests........
    But I think you just should continue and at the same time start own shows!
    Don let this bring you down dear, just keep your head high.
    We all know what you are worth!!!

    Love from panama!!!

  11. Aaagh! Same thing out west...Some groups are so tight they squeek! Your art is so filled with soul...know in your heart that we all feel it and love it...every bit of it:)

    Your studio is gorgeous! I love all the light and the glassed doors...What wonderful little trasure bins too... I love looking at photos like that...Would love to stop by one day and "art" the day away with you!! Ahhh!

  12. I know you Lolo. So many other people do too. It takes awhile to get into those close knit groups. Your art is probably better/different than anything they have seen.

    I love the header on your blog now. Does that raven have an eye ball in its beak? Handsome but a little scary.

    I would love to come and sit at your new counter and paint, sip tea and gossip. Sounds/looks like fun.

  13. Those people are NUTS!!!

  14. LOVE your studio. Love all that airy room. Nice gift of that table.
    I have found that when it comes to Art and new place's & sometimes old places... 'politics'..who you know and dont know... plays a big part in being chosen for shows and wining anything. Saw it to many times and not just on my work either. Bummer about your work..Their loss!!!

  15. That is a totally awesome space you have there, so light, such an inspirational area. You are beyond blessed with goodies from your friends. I feel like a toad....have not sent anyone anything, not because I don't want to....seems like I never have time....apparently horrible at organization. Thanks for sharing all your treats! Have a lovely weekend!

  16. Who was the judge? Blind in one eye and couldn't see out of the other.

  17. What a beautiful and blessed work space. I can feel the creative energy through the pictures.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Have a lovely weekend my friend!


  18. WHAAAT? i haven't commented yet?!

    i must have become enthralled with the magnitude of your talent and the silliness of those judges or whoever they were to reject your paintings. what were they thinking? if i were judge, or queen, or even a lowly personal shopper, i would hang your artwork everywhere, even on telephone poles.

    so there.

    with love

  19. That tight knit group doesn't realize yet what they're missing. I tend to back off when something like this happens to me, but someone told me recently I was allowing that tight knit group to judge my things when they did not know me and did not have the right to judge. So in effect, they've won, and I've lost my delight in what I've done.

    I love your perfect is that for a studio! And how lovely that you keep all the gifts from friends together on your memory board! One day, I'll visit your studio, and we can have coffee on those comfy stools in chili pepper red!

  20. You're so neat and room=explosion...I always try to blame it on my kids and they say, "Dad this is all your junk". And I'll find one tiny thing that is theirs in the mess and say, "Well then whose is this...because I know it isn't mine..."

  21. Your space is so zen like and wonderful. I'm glad I stopped in-so behind on blogs, but I just picked one (yours) to pop into-and what a joy!

    See you soon my friend.

  22. wow, wow, wow love your studio!

    juried shows are soooo subjective, it's especially hard when you're not a "safe" artist who just paints pretty landscapes. take heart, your work is wonderful and you are an inspiration!

  23. I loved seeing your studio lolo! It looks like a great creative space - wish I could join you there!

  24. Aaaaahhh, Laurel! Your studio exudes sunshine and creativity. I love it! I love all the natural light. I'm so glad the housing situation finally turned in your favor. The counter is absolutely AWESOME! I'm sure the red stools are fabulous. In my room, I bought one red desk chair, and what a difference it makes to snazz things up.

    Pooh on the guild. It's a shame that they are judging art on things other than merit. You CLEARLY are EXTREMELY talented, and your art is crazy beautiful. I have a friend who recently entered work in a contest, and I was completely shocked to learn that it was not chosen. Instead, the judges chose an artist who is more conceptual and who has large installations. I think they like to portray themselves as avant garde and edgy, and that's fine. But your art and my friend's art speak to more people, I believe. It is not difficult to be uplifted and moved by your pieces, and that is worth so much more to me than shock and edginess.