Monday, October 06, 2008

Cactus Monday : Presidential Sighting

Hello Cactus Monday friends! Could that be Teri, our founder and president of Cactus Monday?? I think she's lost in the beauty of the butterfly migration and the dazzling needle-eating birds. Or maybe, just maybe it's a spoof!

HCM Cactuteers!!


  1. hahaha this is FUN!!!
    But also clever, I love these pictures with a little photoshopping!
    Happy Cactus Monday Lolo!

  2. You are too funny!! That could be me as it looks like me and something I would do.


  3. A happy jopyful post...I agree it DOES look like TEri! :) HAppy CM Fellow Cacuteer! :)

  4. LOLOL! Love this so much!!! Good idea for a very cute post! HCM!

  5. This is soooo funny. A great spoof. Definitely a Happy Cactus Monday.

  6. oh yes this is definitely teri....and then she rushes home and paints it...good one...HCM fellow cactuteer.

  7. Hi, studio lolo:)

    I really love this creative piece.
    The girl gazing high for these incredible beautiful view of great nature.
    Wow, the cactus has attracted the attention of many butterflies, and continued to catch the attention of this girl into eyeing the lovely rhythmic dancing moments.
    How thoughtful!

    Have you read the book about "The Secret" about positive attracts positive, it also comes in DVD form...

  8. Oh!!! I so much love visitng your blog - it's magical, comforting, hope-filled, inspiring - and just a truly lovely and creative place to be:-) These birds and butterflies are so full of life and beautiful colors - it's a magnificent illustration!! Hope you have a wonderful, fun day:-) linda xx

  9. adorable. and have i mentioned how much i love the image below? I know i have but it bears repeating!

  10. Hee heee heee... and what a beautiful spoof it is!