Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Animal Wednesday : Mother Goose

Man, I really dug one up from the archives! I found this while I was cleaning out my art supplies. It's an illustration I did in 1991 when I took a night course at Rhode Island School of Design in children's book illustration. My books had just been published (without my illos!) and I wanted to see what I was doing wrong.

Anyhoodle, the assignment was to draw our version of Mother Goose. I pictured her as a hipper version riding a carousel goose. This isn't really a very good scan because the piece is laminated. I must have used it as a placemat or something rather than throw it away!

So...HAW everyone from 1991!


  1. 1991 seems sooo long ago, i love mother goose and have told her stories over and over to kiddies. hugs.

  2. I'm glad you found it, it's adorable!!


  3. Ma Goose is looking pretty good there. Ok, now it's time to do the book... with your illustration! You and I will do a double book signing some day. (I can dream right.)

  4. Your picture makes me want to be a kid again! It is so magical! Love the stars!

  5. Haha, "Anyhoodle"!! bthat's a first for me Laurel! I was just starting collage then. Ahhhh, good days. Anyhoodle, very well done, even in 1991. :)

  6. I like it! Both as an illustration but simply for the chunky shapes. You keep finding clever things you did and do. I was fast off the blocks today because the IF word was almost 2 hours earlier. I'm thinking about you out there and wishing you the very best. Go back and see my new dog cartoon below the IF image when you get a minute.

  7. An archival piece with spirit. Mother Goose has a sparkle in her eye, wonder where she gets that from :)

    Anyhow, hope all is well on your end and you have a splendid weekend.


  8. Lovely stories and illustration.
    I love the starry night background and the cheerful mother goose.

  9. What a beautiful illustration!
    Happy Cactus Monday Lolo!
    Boring when your appliances don´t work! I just spend the weekend with no electricity in half of my house. It was a bit of a chaos.......
    Hug >M<