Sunday, June 08, 2008

Cactus Monday # 8

I often seem to gravitate towards succulents for Cactus Monday. I just love the smooth, rubberyness of them. The soft blue-greens really speak to me, two of my favorite colors rolled into a plant. I always think it's a gift when I stumble upon them. And they remind me of mandalas, too, concentric and meditative. Even their scars and blemishes are beautiful.

Tonight I'm posting early so I can call this evening Succulent Sunday. I enjoyed working on this at the studio today. See what you've started, Teri?

Happy Cactus Monday to all of you on the team!!

Have a fabulous, gentle week.


  1. What a beautiful painting!

  2. awesome
    feel as if i'm surfing on the waves of the ocean...
    yes... a mandala...

  3. glorious, not me, teric is the founder and chairman of our cactus monday club. tee hee.
    happy cactus monday cactuteer.

  4. I loved this painting on flickr and I'll be thrilled to take the blame here for making you paint it. So beautiful.

    Let's see...
    Succulent Sunday
    Cactus Monday
    Animal Wednesday
    Illustration Friday

    We need something for Tues and Thurs! :)

  5. Beautiful greens and shapes! This painting reminds me of a Georgia O'Keeffe flower.