Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Very Special Award...yay!

I'm very pleased and proud to accept a new award from a fellow bloggerette, Connie Martin. Connie just happened to stop by and was drawn in by my music choices. I guess she also appreciated the sick humor of my collage cards. I'm very touched that she took the time to draw this award and email it to me. She made my day! Thanks, Connie!


  1. Here's what Connie wrote...

    Went back to your blog for more Beachboys. What with the music (a couple of pieces in your list with a lot of meaning for me) and the wonderful silly cards (my husband was also falling about) and your lovely positive outlook, you had me in tears! (My husband is suggesting a nap).

    So, if I I've done this right, I think there's another 'award' from me attached. All the best! (I still have your music list playing, for which, many thanks!).

  2. well earned and well deserved.
    lotsa wfs to you my friend.

  3. Certainly well earned - your stuff is great and you are a peach!

  4. That's an awesome award to get. So personal and heartfelt!