Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Animal Wednesday : Owee-Zowee!

This is a collage I did last year or so. Now it's sold as one of my most popular cards at the studio and on Etsy. It's a small example of my sick sense of humor! Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. this is such a funny 'pun' on it, but then i love all your work too...
    what is mao (roll on floor laughing...mao????

  2. Who could not love a nagging haddock?

    Your card is a ray of hope to my sole in this dismal plaice where I flounder. I cod never shark my duty to praise such a card.

    Eel never forgive those who would carp about your card. I hake them, just plain hake them. Ide put their heads on a pike, send them to the gobi dessert, cut off their mullets, eat their oreo cockles, knock them off their perch,pollock them up and throw away the key, smoke their roaches,roughy them up, maybe give them a shiner, get a Russian sturgeon treat them to a little non-elective Russian sturgery,goby their windows scat singing insulting songs in my bass voice,smelt their gelt,cock a snook at those suckers, say "up against the walleye mothersuckers".

  3. That's pretty funny...nice job on the cat pic as well...both pieces pulled off nicely.

  4. Thanks, Mick! Glad you like my humor :)

    FY...."my ass off!!"

    Neil...I'm speechless! I think you said it all and then some! Very clever, you Canadians ;)

    Brian...thanks, I love doing these tongue-in-cheek cards!

  5. this is so nice, very cool!

  6. Heee heee heeeeeeee! I do love the wordplay. The saying and the image together is pure hilarity. You are such a clever girl, you!