Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Animal Wednesday: Mim's Samson

Now that Mim has shown this on her blog, I wanted to post it here as well.
This is her favorite dog, Samson, who has been gone for many years now but who still has a huge place in her heart. She commissioned me to paint him from the photo below. I changed the background for artistic reasons, but I also wanted to give him that twilight bring out his soulful eyes.
It's always nerve wracking to paint a specific animal because it has to look and "feel" like them. I hope I've come close with this one!
I know all of my black animals have a lot of blue in them...I can't help it!
I like to reflect the local color in the sheen of their coats.

Thanks for the commission, Mim! ♥

Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. An excellent job on Sam. He looks like he could jump right off the page. HAW.

  2. I've seen it on Mim's blog and I totally adore this painting - you did more than a good job!

  3. This is beautiful. I think you've captured him perfectly from the photo - I've been asked to paint a friends dog and I wish I could substitute your paintings for mine! I must learn acrylics (that is what you used, right?) there is so much more control than with watercolor.

    1. Patty, I only use the small acrylic paints found in the craft section. I even do my murals with them! I love the quality and consistency of them and I get to mix my own colors easier than from the tubes.
      Try it! I taught myself. You can too!

  4. You have really created a beautiful memory for Mim. It is absolutely gorgeous!

  5. You did such a wonderful job. What a beautiful representation.

  6. Lo, it is perfectly SPOT ON!
    And like I said on Mim's blog:
    No one captures soul-filled eyes like Lo does!
    Love what you did with the background too, complete perfection!

    I like those little bottles of craft acrylics also, although I use both those and tubes.I find myself having to mix a little less with the bottles, which is often very handy.

  7. Lo, you did a fantastic job on this. The likeness is scary! I know Mim loves it and you were so kind to do this for her. You are such a great painter of animals.

  8. i hate it.
    it's horrible.
    a total miss.

    hehehehehehee. i thought i'd spice up all these well deserved compliments.

    it's fantastic, lo. you did it. you DID. sampson's expression is just perfect.

    your last three paintings (including sjimmie) have been so good: maybe the muse likes working without sleep?

    glad you feel better, ms feather


  9. frankly i like your painting better than the photo. wonderful. looks like he will lick my hand at any moment.

  10. I saw this over at Mims and its STILL WONDERFUL. :) Its not easy capturing the spirit of something and I think you did a great job. She will always have this treasure as a memory keeper. :)

  11. Beautiful! Labs have the most gorgeous eyes, truly window to their devoted and loving souls.

  12. Your painting is awesome-- an irresistible invitation to touch. I feel as you do about blue. In fact, indigo is my standard substitute for black in Etegami, except for the sumi ink outlines.

  13. oh lo! it's stunning. what a gift you have. hee hee, kj.

  14. OMG this is amazing Lo. What a soulful looking result. You are so so artistic, and you can 'feel' your art too. Love love it!

  15. Oh, I love your new header too. It 'sings' with joy.

  16. Black animals DO have a lot of blue in you are right on the mark with this one. Nice portrait!

  17. What can I say?! It is gorgeous, awesome and stunning!
    No one can do this like you dear!. All your animals are plain perfect and the secret is in the eyes (and the rest of course) Sjimmie is staring peacefully at this towers right where I can see him, above the spot where he spend his last moments in my studio. I know how Mim must have felt when she opened the package!
    Like your beloved pet finally came home again.............
    Wow Lo!
    You did another great job here!