Thursday, August 23, 2012

Animal Wednesday on Thursday

Last week I took care of one of our Veterinarian's kitties while she was away.  These feet belong to Toggle.

Here he is in all his cuteness. He has MAJOR anxiety issues and is on meds.
He's the main reason they get a cat sitter. Of course, I gave him extra love!

 This is Dexter. He has a stripe nearly at the end of his tail. it goes all the way around! How cool is that? Any old cat can have a white tip, but a random stripe??

NO, this is NOT a Bushbaby!!!  This is Sophia. Can you believe those eyes???
And they're always that wide open and startled looking even though she's laid back. Hilarious!

Truly, three unusual looking cats!

Happy AW on Thursday!


  1. A delightful animal Wednesday! That Toggles - what a sweetheart!

  2. Each is its own unique person. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Each is beautiful , lo. Cats always seem to carry their elegance. Even when wide eyed :-)

    Always swell to see you've posted . In the meantime I miss you ♥

    Love your pal
    kj here to stay

  4. Toggle must be related to Hemmingway's cats who all had six toes. What an unusual group of kitties. All very handsome. Happy Animal Wedsnesday on Friday. Have a great weekend.

  5. Oh....those TOES! I fell in love with them - before I saw the equally adorable face! Toggle is adorable...and I know he was happy to have you there to provide food and ♥♥!

    I adore Baxter's *ringed tail*!!! I've never seen one quite like it! His expression seems to say: "Enough of those photos"!

    Are you *sure* Sophia isn't part Bush-Baby - or part Owl? A-ha-ha!
    Those round eyes remind me of Sjimmie (as a wee kitten)...

    They are each beauties....and look very well cared for - both by their Mum and their *Lady-in-Waiting* - Lo. I couldn't think of anyone better to look after furry ones!

    HAW - even on a Thursday or Friday!


    ♥ R ♥

  6. Feline fun! I love your animal connection and sharing. I hope you are well! Big hugs!

  7. Wow the eyes are even the colour of their fur is always so lovely in cats. Wish I wasn't so scared of them.

  8. So cute! I just love kitty company. Thanks for sharing. :)

  9. Ooooooh, each is more adorable than possible. Sure makes me miss my 'ol Callie girl.
    Like Robin, I loved the toes photo!
    But those eyes,,,,,,,,,,OH those eyes. Priceless!

  10. They are beautiful cats, love the stripe and love the wild eyed one. Hope you are well!!!

  11. How fun to get to Critter sit. Love the big eyes. She does look startled. They are all adorable.

  12. Love those eyes!! They remind me of those paintings of the pitiful cats and dogs that were so popular about 30 years ago.
    Both my cats have 6 or 7 toes on each foot. They look like they're wearing snowshoes!

  13. Oh my Gosh! Such cuteness! Each one of them has different attractive quirks. I love Sophia's eyes. Its so big and she looks always startled. lol
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  14. I keep chuckling over those bushbaby eyes! It's amazing how different cats can look from each other. I've never had cats but I tend to think of them as all looking alike except for coloring. These are very distinct!

  15. They are all wonderful! Those eyes on Sophia are amazing.xoxo

  16. They are all wonderful! Those eyes on Sophia are amazing.xoxo

  17. OMG what wonderful kitties!!!
    Can't pick a favorite...............
    I love the first one because of his paws and his cute face!
    The second one could be one of your paintings :)
    And Sophia love those saucer eyes, remind me of my PoD.
    Well if I look at them one more time I think Toggle is my favorite ♥