Thursday, May 17, 2012

Soul`FULL Collaging

My niece spent last night with me and most of the day today. She's visiting from Colorado and will be on her way back home tomorrow. When she got here I asked if she might want to do something 'artsy.' Of course she jumped at the chance!
Let me give you a brief synopsis of what she has dealt with in the past several years.
Three brain surgeries and a bout of radiation for a benign pituitary cyst that kept regrowing and causing intermittent blindness. And she also suffers from seizures.
The radiation finally got rid of the cyst, but now she's on so many medications that restrict many things in life. At nearly age 40 she is considered completely disabled because she can't stay focused long enough to hold a job.
She's smart, and delightful, big-hearted and talented.
Look at her first go at collaging!
I told her about SoulCollages and showed her my many examples. We didn't do those though. Instead, I asked her to do intuitive collaging.
When I got up this morning she was already back at the table doing more!
Below are a few of mine I did while sitting with her. I'm calling them my "spirit guide" series.

Wolf Spirit Guide

Where do these portals go?

Bear Spirit Guide

What is he protecting me from?

The Elder Spirit Guide

Surrounding me with light and showing me the way.

And finally, two more by Jessica.
She wanted this one to have a vacation home feel :)

And this is my favorite of all!
He's standing on tail feathers of a sparrow.
Wow. This is powerful!

So there you go.
Scissors, glue, National Geographic and imagination.



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  2. these are incredible. i am so moved. it's not just the images and the messages and the emotion. lo, there is so much talent in what you and jessica have done. each piece is seamlessly perfect.

    oh those thin arms holding up those large feet...and that content smile.

    and the suspended portals with the sage animal wisdom....

    and jessica's final two: she is talented. each has a magic to it.

    i wish i could have seen the construction, piece by piece. makes me want want want to sit on my porch with you..

    love always

    the elder: at first i thought the row of what, structures?, was the flower cottages in truro

    and the bear spirit guide: it is surreal and futuristic and yet the look on his face is so tender

  3. Thank you for sharing these amazing collages! I Soul Collage, also, it's wonderful as are you for being so supportive of your loved ones! :)

  4. Holy cow!
    What exceptional work from both of you! She is gifted with putting things together in beautiful collage....maybe that will be something for her to do and release creativity into.
    Art therapy, my friend.
    It is the BEST there is. The brain calms and off we go to never-never land~~life is good there.
    Thanks for posting ALL these!


  5. Talent definitely runs in your family!!!! Powerful pieces....
    I hope you both had a good visit together!


    ♥ LS ♥

  6. how lovely you could do these with Jessica. Healing. I love the cave woman or whatever she is, holding a spear.

  7. I'm so sorry about what Jessica's going through. That's hard. My younger son was diagnosed with a benign pituitary cyst when he had the MRI for his brain surgery. So far it's caused no problems for him, though.

  8. Impressive,powerful,amazing

  9. Wow powerful!
    I hope to do that one day together with you!
    I would like to learn this.
    Jessica's are indeed intuitive and full of positiveness.
    My what has she been through!
    A good health is something to cherish and be grateful about........
    Glad you had such a good time together :)

  10. I bet she is wonderful like you are. Some people have such hard lives. Sigh. Love the collages, they free the spirit.

  11. Wow! What awesome work you two did...creativity must run in the family! (Can I become your niece and visit you, too, so that you can show me how to do this? haha)

    They're all very moving pieces, lo. How wonderful for your niece to find this creative outlet...she's doing awesome work.

    So glad you had such a great and productive time together! xx