Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Collaging on drugs :)

Okay, so the muscle relaxer helped a little and the 800 mg Ibuprofen helped a lot. I got out a few things to make a quick collage and it was just what the doctor ordered. I've had that shell for a long time just waiting to be used on something. The blue dotted background is a picture of some type of eel from a Nat'l Geographic magazine! Doesn't it look like a nice, comfy bed? That is the best mag to cut up for collages.
I have a stash of quotes in a box. I choose carefully after making the collage to see which one is the best fit.
Her tatoo is a rub-on decal, the lotus is from a new age magazine from Whole Foods, and the woman was found in an art magazine.
Now I'll see how this looks on cards and offer them on Etsy.

I'm off to watch Idol, take another horsie Ibuprofen and go to bed early for my 13 hour shift tomorrow.  

Thanks for your well wishes!


  1. Totally AWESOME!!!
    I might have to subscribe to Nat Geo, just to cut up! (Smithsonian magazines are great too, if you ever get to see some copies...)
    Glad you had an art day.
    Better life through pharmaceuticals! ;-D


  2. This is lovely and I love the one in the last post, but I LOVE your header! Glad you are feeling better.XOXO

  3. Nicely put together! Love your new banner! Great quote by Jung. Be well. And don't work TOO hard!!!

  4. The woman and the shell look to be made for eachother. Beautful how seem least you put them together

    Blue is your color, lo. You just know what to do


    1. Aw damn spellcheck . I meant to say 'beautiful how seamlessly you put them together

  5. Bad backs suck, oh dear. But I love your collages and the animal one (was it Wednesday again?) it lovely and ver satisfying to look at.

    Take care you!

  6. beautiful and inspiring. hope you feel better soon. 13 hour day. goodness. i love your header too.

  7. I adore this collage and the one in the previous post too.
    Don't you love it when a saved element (shell) finds it's home?
    You do such a great job of finding the 'just right' to combine.
    Hate that your back is giving you fits!
    13 hours can't help,,,,wow. Long day!
    If I take a muscle relaxer I have to just check out.No way could I create anything.I am such a drug 'lightweight'.

  8. I LOVE this one! It is just perfect in all ways!!!!
    Yes please make cards and prints!
    I have looked but couldn't find them yet.
    Darn that you don't feel a 100 % you need that to work 13 hours!
    I will go to bed early tonight as well.... the kids are occupying the TV. Felix has a friend over well I guess I just have to go to bed......
    Take care and get well soon

  9. Wonderful collage. I bet you get some interesting readers what with the title of this post. :) Get to feeling better.

  10. Wow, when I first looked at this I thought it was Ganesh and then I realized it was a woman with a shell. Fascinating when that happens! Love this. Happy to find you're still at it - drugs and all :)

    Happy Weekend!

  11. Rest up and I hope you feel better soon.
    Another nice collage.

  12. This collage is beautiful, evocative, and so seamlessly put together. So lovely! Collage = good medicine.