Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Animal Wednesday: We share the sky

I was prompted by my dear friend KJ to post a new painting.
Who has time to paint?

Seeing as it's Animal Wednesday I went into my archives and chose something not many (if any) of you have seen.
I miss doing collages. I'm craving time to do them lately.
And seeing as I had to cancel accupuncture this morning and call into work because my back is out of whack, hopefully my muscle relaxer will kick in and allow me to sit at the big table and collage my heart out!

Until then, I'm off to bed. Hopefully these spasms (or whatever it is) will get some relief from the drugs.
Oh, and then there's the new foot issue.

I'm not even going there.

I'm just going to think happy thoughts!

Happy Animal Wednesday all :)



  1. Good Morning. I enjoy reading your posts and viewing you work. I love to collage and like you haven't done it in a very long while. Like you I also suffered from muscle spasms in my back [extremely painful] upon doing research discovered that a potassium deficiency can contribute to muscle spasms. Keep on painting and keep you happy thoughts!!!

  2. I love the picture you have shared of the collage. I have to have art around me but am useless at drawing or painting and so the only thing I can create is a collage. Yours is soooo much better than mine though. I hope you feel better soon. x

  3. Geez Lo, I absolutely LOVE this collage!
    Hoping that you had time at the table; making art is so healing. I've grabbed what moments I can of late!
    I say, MORE! MORE! but know what your schedule is like.
    Take care my friend...♥


  4. I love this, even the feathery xrated woman in the lower right . Hahahaha!

  5. Oh gosh, I hope you are feeling much better soon!

  6. I too hope you are doing much better.. Hard to even get into Anything much less Art when feeling so poorly. HAW

  7. My heart goes out to any artist who has no time to make art! I have lots and lots of health issues and am in constant pain, but when I'm making etegami I manage to forget all that. I can't tell you how much I owe to etegami. I hope you start feeling better!!

  8. It is a gorgeous piece Lo. So imaginative and wonderful.
    Hope you get all those issues taken care of.


  9. HAW...this is new to me and very YOU!!!

  10. I started with the new post and thought.......what get well wishes......???!!! Whats up?
    So I found this post.
    I haven't blogged in China as all blogs and FB are blocked there.
    Hurrah for freedom of speech!
    I am sorry to read you have a back problem!
    I am having pain in my right foot and ankle since last week too and my back! Seems we have a little the same things.
    I have been working too much and standing too much on my feet (read flatfeet....:( )
    Hope the muscle relaxer is working now!

    Sending you love and healing thoughts!

  11. Ain't it great getting old? :)
    Love this collage.