Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love Nesting

I got myself into a bit of a commercial mode this afternoon by taking off on a thought I had a couple of weeks ago. Somehow that thought went right out of my head until I recaptured it today. I thought I'd better sieze the moment!

I call these little paintings "love nests" because the 2 eggs look like a heart. No really, they do. Don't you see it?

It's like making images out of clouds. Well, sort of.

Or that magical moment when you're in the middle of nature and you spot a heart in a tree or a rock! Too bad no one is there to witness it. But that's when you take a picture of it and bring it home, perhaps post it on your blog ;)

Anyway, I've been a bit absent. A bit spotty. A tad preoccupied.
I think I needed these little love nests today.

I hope you like them.


  1. They are darling Lolo, and yes, I saw the heart with the eggs before you mentioned it in your post. (of course, I've taken a lot of migraine meds too, so I'm seeing a lot of things! LOL!!!)
    The set of four look great together; would make a lovely set of notecards too, yes???


  2. ♥ times 100

    go lo!

    i love every one
    i love the pastels
    i love your signature
    i love that you did this today
    i love you!

    i do

  3. These are wonderful Lolo. The cat in your header has a wicked look on its face like it would be happy to get into one of those nests.

  4. Fabulously creative Lolo!!!!

  5. How sweet!!! Great idea!!! Happy V-day tomorrow!

  6. Very lovely Love Nests on Valentines Day and of course I saw the hearts right off!
    Missed you, glad you are back.

  7. I saw the heart-eggs before you mentioned it in your post and I think these are the best Valetine's day cards I have seen: they are original, sweet and natural.
    Happy Valentine's Day to you.

  8. Adorable and lovely.

    I've been spotty too and preoccupied. Lots of reasons but weather is my excuse. Too confining and not getting out enough.

  9. There so tenderly beautiful,are they for sale Lolo?
    If they are I want to buy the green one,for my poor mr.B He hates building;))
    So when its ready(the dust and...) I'll hang it above his bed....

  10. I love all of these, hopeful and spring-like. And yes, with a lovely heart!

    Happy Valentine's Day, dear Lo!! xoxo

  11. Amazing lovely love nests!
    Well I know you already sold one;)
    They are very sweet.

    Exactly today Felix card arrived and mine yesterday!

    I am happy you are my friend and words can not express what that means to me.

    ♥Happy Valentine's Day♥
    to you Bri Em and Bliss!

  12. These are adorable. Very clever.
    They would make cute cards.

  13. Wonderful! And of course they are hearts. Happy Valentine's Day!

  14. Like them???? Are you kidding??? These are terrific! They have your sweetness and thoughtfulness written all over them! Hugs!♥xo

  15. A lovely series and it won't be long before we get the real thing, Laurel. :)

  16. lovely and wonderful idea for these love nests. how sweet. happy v day to you a bit late.

  17. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    Gorgeous! Me thinks I must have one!

    Back from a wonderful few days....lots to tell...

    So happy you loved my card! The momnent I saw it, I thought of YOU!

    Talk tomorrow?


    ♥ Ls ♥

  18. i thought i had left a comment lo, i must have dreamed it when i saw these paintings i stopped thinking.
    they are so fantastic, i LOVE birds nests, but eggs to look like hearts, omgosh.

    simply brilliant.
    have fun tomorrow!

  19. They are all so adorable, lovely and wonderful.

  20. Love them all!I can see it:)You are great!

  21. So darling. Love the little love nests. Yes, can see the hearts.

  22. Love your "Love Nests". They are simply sweet. We are all yearning for spring.

  23. These make a fabulous series and they give off a feeling of calm. Lovely. I just spotted the tag "Spaniel' and I'll have to go investigate that.

  24. I watched you do one!!! I love mine and I'm not showing it cause you know why! love it tho.....

  25. Oh Laurel - these nests are so lovely - full of the joys of spring. Hope some rubs off on me!! Thanks for your recent comment - have been keeping a low profile of late- just haven't been much in the mood for painting or blogging. Sending hugs and encouragement your way too!xx

  26. Very spring, very sweet...Love nests! And I wouldn't have caught the 'hearts' without reading the comments...

  27. I like the setup of these as a series and how you did the setup in the photograph...nice

  28. I LOVE these. I could see the hearts immediately!