Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Animal Wednesday: Groundhog Day Giveaway

Well, what did you THINK I'd be giving away?
I just painted this little 4"x4" canvas specifically for this reason.
If you want to open your heart and home to this little "non-destructive" groundhog, leave a comment and I will draw the winner's name and announce it next Animal Wednesday, the 9th.
The canvas is really a soft green, not grey. 

Happy Groundhog Day and Animal Wednesday!! 


  1. Ah, I AM FIRST! HAW-HA! I LOVE this little toothy I am tossing my name in the "bag".....

    Lo, I continue to be amazed by your true gift of painting!!!!!!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  2. It's so cute, I would love it in my home!

  3. I'm second! Oeps third have to type faster

    A groundhog again I have to look up what this day is about but I do like this cute fellow I just saw on Robin's blog and now your gorgeous painting of him!!!!!!
    Too cute . I would love to give him a home.
    You did a wonderful job on him!
    What a cute and beautiful give away!


  4. Its ADORABLE. You know I have have none of your Art. Not even an ATC.. I'd love to win this. I need to check out your cards. oh today is also my Aunt and Uncles 66th wedding anniversary. I can remember it because of Ground hogs day.

  5. What a beautiful gift...your talent for painting...GH is adorable and I wouldn't mind him hanging around my house at all! In fact,he and Henry could be best buds.

  6. Oh my gosh. I would be honored if this groundhog took up residence in my home. HAW.

  7. ME! ME-ME-ME!!!
    Pick ME! :-D
    That groundhog looks like the one I had to discourage from making a home under our shed a few years back.
    Don't worry, it was fine, but I got gassed with the gopher bombs and decided that rodents are smarter than humans and probably sit and laugh at our antics.....
    I'm sure they do!


  8. ah ha ha! those teeth! i have the perfect spot for him, you know where!

    adorable adorable double adorable.

  9. way cute...wayyyyy

    did you really just do that today? aw're awesome

  10. Lovely! Thanks for the chance.

    lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

  11. I think he's already living in my backyard!

  12. I'm partial to groundhogs, especially the one that frequents a field near our house - maybe this is one of his relatives?

    Wonderful work, as always!

  13. heehee, he's so fluffy and cute. and i heard he said spring is coming early.

    i am number 14, a lucky number i think,



  14. Aw, he is so darn cute and you are so sweet to find a new home. Tell him it is so nice in AZ that he may want to live here and Sunshine needs a playmate. lol


  15. I very much want, want, want!!!! that groundhog. It is cropped so perfectly and I love the size. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  16. Oh, he's adorable! And he did NOT see his shadow today!!!

  17. He's adorable...and he would fit in so well here in the forest!

    You've got awesome talent, lo...I love your work.

  18. I love him - dear little fellow! You make the lovliest art, Laurel! Please do put my name in the hat - I'd love give him a good home!

  19. We saw one on the News yesterday,but Yours is even more cute:))

    Its soooooooooooo stunning,love Him or Her,and You to.

    xxxMar and a wet one from Mr.B(tonight hE WANTS TO LOOK TELLY WITH yOU AND eMMA TO)

  20. Wha'! How did you know that this was my favorite holiday?


  21. Super job on the eye on this!!! Nice job on the fur too...this little image pulled together pretty well!!! Thumbs up!!!

  22. The same green as my Magpie?
    Auntie Lo have to tell you I'm so proud of my Beautje.
    Today in the woods we met Maxime(B'S lover)she run to the farm and killed a chicken(Ooh my god) mr. B was so good stayed with Me ,even unleashed(good boy).
    Proud Mom,

  23. He's so cute. I have just the spot.

  24. I love groundhog:)And your little friend is adorable!love his expression:)

  25. My name is in de 'bag' too :)

    I love him, he would be great friends with my hamsters.

  26. Gosh Lolo, this is a pretty good rendition of a groundhog, although I loathe the little buggers! I'll bet we still get six more weeks of bad weather no matter what he saw!