Monday, November 30, 2009

My Artysoulsisters Journal Pages

There are nine of us artysoulsisters from around the world collaborating on nine journals. We each begin one and then we all add a page or pages to one another's book. Some of us have themes, some are freestyle.
I was going themeless at first, but as my pages evolved I realized I'd like my book to be about journies, physical ones or spiritual ones.
After all, we're all on one great big one!
I started out with our cross-country move. The snail represents the slow way home, driving vs. flying. My belongings and loved ones are on the snail's back, Emma and Bliss trying to find balance in the chaos, and of course my raven guide is along for the journey!
It wasn't too far into the trip that I realized this was more than a physical move.
I drove every single mile myself, nearly 3,800 because we detoured for a visit to my sister in Colorado. There was a nasty spider bite I had to contend with and two very scary near-misses on the highways. There were guides with us for sure!

The snail gets us to our destination leaving her glittery trail along the way. No slime in my journal! We open the doors that are clearly marked 'home' and find an envelope inside.

There are keys in the envelope welcoming us home. Little did I know that this journey would be this hard. I have come back to old friends and loving family but I deeply miss California and the life I had there.
I'm hoping when I emerge in the Spring I'll feel renewed with hope and happily settled into my new life and fill my studio with new art.
Luckily, nothing keeps me down!
Please check out the other fantastic journals at Artysoulsisters blog and follow our progress!


  1. I just think this journal project is the cooolest thing.

  2. As I said, you are an inspiration to me today. I am working on my page for Lynn's book. I must get off here and get busy...

  3. this is so heartfelt lo, so personal, i simply love it. hard act to follow.

  4. What an amazing start to your journal from your Journey. Will be fun to see what everyone else does in your journal as it goes on it's Journey.

  5. these are such wonderful pages. moving in more ways than one. I am now working and almost done with Lisa's page. These books are moving along now!

  6. We have that so in common darling. Nothing keeps us down.

    I love the page. Fantastic.

    Keep good thoughts over me tomorrow morning I will be having some scans and scopes down my throat. Hope that it doesn't show cancer.

    Love Renee xoxo

  7. I love this page Lolo - it's beautiful.

    I figured this would be a very tough transition, CA to New! not so easy. Tough people here, tough weather, tough all around...but you are strong and even in the winter there will be times that the beauty will be astounding.
    Not often but it will be there.

  8. Change brings out new and glorious beauty... I know by now you are filled to brimming with it...:)
    Wonderful soulfilled pages! :)

  9. of course i love everything about this but i have to say i am madly in love with the snail.

    could you do a card of that snail carrying all those important treasures on its back? could you?

    because i would send it to so many people and they would say, 'yup, kj, that's you, and yup, that's me too'.

    i love the cover too.

    it's all so easy to love!

    re mim's comment. i have to agree with her. it's not always easy here in new england. but the friends i have here are friends for life. that counts for alot.


  10. Your pages are great Lolo!
    Can't wait to work on them.
    In fact I haven't had a journal since I sent Suki's on it's way......
    I look forward to one again.
    I love how this idea evolved.
    Although I know you will adapt and find your way there I knew you would miss CA too. This is hard to leave a part of your life behind....
    I am sure seeing and experiencing Spring will help you to root again.

    love >M<

  11. This is very nice Lolo, and such a lovely story to go with it. I'm sure we will all be able to add to this easily; we all are on our own journeys. Very nicely done.

  12. you are such an inspiration! I too miss california, mostly my daily walks on the beach with the dogs. I've started painting to help fill the void.

  13. lovely pages
    I hope that the new place will reveal its pleasures and life settles down to the proverbial dull roar.

  14. This is so exciting. I love your pages. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I sent you an email. Love and hugs.xoxo

  15. Beautiful thought!
    Beautifully expressed.

    Its so wonderful to hear about your journal. It really inspires the like of me.

    Wishing you the very best in all that is in store for you...Good Luck.

  16. Raven sister, how are your wings?

    Love Renee xoxo

  17. Dear one that is so funny, but no surprise.


  18. What a wonderful way to record your hard but inspiring journey to your new home. I love the idea of a raven guide.