Saturday, November 21, 2009

Illustration Friday: me

If you're a fan of these magnificent birds then you're a fan for life.

The caw-ing of ravens is music to my ears because I understand them.

They're magical, mystical and misunderstood.

Here's my kick-off to the holiday season replacing 'four calling birds' with my beloved corvids, 4 cawing birds!

This was painted on a brown paper envelope and I'm giving it away.

Just leave a comment and your name will go in a hat for a drawing next Friday.

And no, you don't have to like the birds, just the art ;)


  1. OMG!! you're giving this away?! OMG!!

    lo, the sheen (shine?) on these feathers is nothing short of amazing. man, have you nailed the essence of the mysterious and misunderstood ravens. thanks to you and renee, i have an appreciation for them that was absent before.

    count me in. i'm actually praying for myself this time!!

    love you,

  2. I love the birds and the art. There was a group of crows harrassing a Barred Owl across the street the other day. I just love corvids. They are the most wonderful birds.

  3. This is magnificant. I Love your work anyway but these are fab. Are Ravins the same as crows? We have some beautiful big black crows around here and I love to watch them. They came for bread this morning getting into the tiny little bird box feeder. Smart buggars.

  4. Love this! Love the replacement! Never will sing that song the same again.

  5. OMG, you can't give this beauty away!!!!!! Keep it, it is so you and so beautiful.

  6. Can tell how much you love them from the way you've drawn them. I've worked with crows and ravens a lot up at the wildlife center. They are the best! So smart and funny!!!!!
    Mekeel McBride

  7. Another piece of LAUREL,gracing the universe. I say- let it fly!

  8. OOOH OHHH OHHH_ I had to log on and say ME ME ME-Mister Bird! I'm buying art on KJ's blog too-at least I'm trying. The woman says I can use her name but that MY entry counts as her entry too.

    Well, I don't care as long as you send it to ME ME ME!

    Oliver The Parrot

  9. So fantastic.

    Could you please put my entry on a paper that is three times the size of the other entries.

    Goegeous, dear one.

    Love Renee xoxo

  10. These are fantastic. We don't get too many ravens here but we certainly get crows and magpies. I could never understand why they're so unappreciated.

  11. like them?!
    i cannot even say i love them...
    they are my soul...

    the message they bring to this world...

    "magical, mystical and misunderstood.."

    oh... lolo... my dearest lolo... i'm crying...and i can't help it!

    your words and your artwork... are beyond reality... they transcend even truth...

    the way these cawing beings are gathered together... the directions of their looks... gosh!

    how beautifully you have illustrated that encompassing wisdom...

    you are more than an artist... you are a mystic...

    i bow to you!

    the header is also a stunning work... i love it... crows never hide anything... their clothes... their masks reveal their inner thoughts...


    love and peace to you

  12. I love that you love these birds. It is a beautiful piece of art that you have expressed the beauty of the bird with their colour - they truly sing. We have many crows in our garden with their young and I find them fascinating.

  13. and the reason why they are misunderstood and unappreciated...
    (this is from a letter i wrote to a dear friend of mine a few days ago):

    ... is it a sin to understand? is it a sin to tell about it? seems it is... that's why the image of Prometheus changes into Satan in all religions... and the one who brings understanding is damned eternally... people don't like freedom... they want to cling...

    once a classmate at the university told me, you are frightening 'cause you can exalt the person you talk to or the passage you are working on in a way one has never thought of... i told him, because i make them free from some illusion... the illusion of being unworthy....the illusion of being not understandable... and freedom is always frightening... since it brings responsibility... people tend to cling...

    crows don't sing to make you dreamy... they caw to wake you up...
    they are not colorful to amaze you... they are black and want you to sit and find all the colors in that balckness...

  14. Yes of course I love those birds and your art even more......
    And I agree with Teri, but then again you have this big giving heart!
    Hope you are ok Lo!
    Have to mail you.....


  15. I love the rich deep colors and textures you get in your art! Another beautiful piece! Hmmm...I heard that ravens carry your soul to the next step in one's spirit journey, it is one of their mysteries.

  16. Awesome Art Lolo!!!
    Really Awesome!
    You are a Master at it:)

    Obviously I find birds' musical and am a lover of everything thats natural and related to nature...


    ps:do let me know when u receive my snail mail:)

  17. Darling sister, remember the day I told you it snowed way back when. Well it hasn't snowed since and that melted and it has been beautiful. If it stays like this about 2.2 celcius we will have the warmest November on record.

    Did I tell you my Mom is in the hospital she has COPD so had a bit of pneumonia. Brought her supper last night and she ate quite a bit so that is good.

    Right now Laurel I just rolled out of bed for the third time this morning. Pray to the stomach gods that I can get rid of this fucking stomache.

    Love you.

    Okay, no more complaints from me.

    Love Renee xooo

  18. There are two families of ravens in a continuous, raucous volley for turf control outside my front window. I'm in!

  19. Ah beloved Ravens! Laurel, thank you for all the really super comments you've passed by with - I love to hear from you! Of course, I'd be delighted to enter in this draw for Music to me - 4 Cawing birds - perfect for the season. Of course, I already have your beautiful Pigeon, but a Raven would be such a coup! Caroline xx

  20. i love renee.

    i love myself.

    but i have to say i want human being to have these ravens.

    i am actually going to pray for that happening.


  21. Splendid work, you splendid spirit, you! I am just here to admire...You have already gifted me with a very special raven...These are filled with love...keep passing on the light Lolo! :) Hugs! :)

  22. Love this! I loved reading your blog, what a great idea the wandering journal. It would be a real treasure to receive back one day.

    Your birds are just beautiful you have capture the essence of them.

  23. i hope i win because i love this! :)

  24. I too have an affinity for the raven. We have so many in Alaska - they are our main winter bird. I love the "plonk" sound they make. I would LOVE to receive this in the mail! I really love the mouse on roots from a few days back. Very nice viewing point and colors.


  26. look at all these comments.

    on day 3 of the forever days to come, ms. studio lolo let the mystical misunderstood muse move mighty mountains in search of magic.

  27. Four Cawing Birds! Oh, you are so clever. I must say, I do admire these birds for their intelligence and tenacity. Interestingly, the raven (or were they just giant crows?) sound more gutteral and more human-like in Japan. It took some getting used to. Your birds are indeed magnificent. I'm glad you're creating art again.

    And oh my, the painting you did of moonlit mice....gorgeous!

    Thanks for the sweet message. I think of you, too. I know you're going through a tough adjustment and wish you all the spirit and strength in the world.

  28. Love these birds!And your illustration is amazing!

  29. Thank you very much for the wonderful words!

  30. Hi, I have just come across your blog from One Pink Goose. Your work is wonderful and I really love this corvid picture, please include me in your draw.

  31. I never like to comment when so many others have already - coals to Newcastle, but I am compelled to tell you that I like this one very much.


  32. Clever woman! This is beautiful! I'm happy you hear the music of these cawing birds. I'm not as appreciative of them at 5am in the summer and their rooftop ruckus! Maybe they're calling me out to play? :)

  33. If you don't mind, I prefer to admire the art. Just beautiful and I'd love to own it. The crows are creepy. I have a plastic owl out back to scare them away...they're not that bright, you know!

  34. I want these 4 Cawing Birds!!!!!! I was know for doing a "caw" at VolleyGirl's games, earned the nickname of Mother Falcon....aren't Falcons but they caw! PLUS....I love the artwork. Sorry, still finding it difficult to find time to visit everyone but I am doing it a bit at a time in between the cooking today! I will be looking over your posts I've missed. Emma looks very happy indeed! Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!