Thursday, October 08, 2009

Thankful Thursday: Birds and Blossoms

There are many angels in my life, the most recent flock being my blogger buddies. I never would have thought such meaningful, heartfelt friendships could have evolved from this virtual space. I'm truly blessed.

One of the first angels I made friends with is Joss, aka Soulbrush.

She and I share many things in common including personal (inner) battles.

We will always feel that 'sister' connnection.

As most of you know she does this amazing art with a bit of an African influence. I was lucky enough to nab this beautiful ATC in a recent trade with her. I take the blame (proudly) for getting her started on them and for her deep addiction in creating them! Thanks Jossie! xoxoxoxo

Another angel I met along the way is Margaret from Waterblossoms. She does the most amazing series of ATC's with Zentangle flair like nothing I've ever seen before! Each new series takes my breath away.

The other day I went to my P.O. box and there was a large package from Margaret. We're doing a journal project together ( ArtySoulSisters) but I'm not supposed to be the one that gets the journal after her so I was confused as to what the box was all about.

This folder was on top with instructions not to throw it away because there were goodies inside! I love the little monagrammed notepad...

...and also this matching magnet and the notecard with the sweetest message.

No wonder she wanted me to make sure I looked in the folder! There were 2 exquisite cards with this image. It took my breath away! And she was so thoughtful to ask me to send the extra one to none other than my "Raven Sister", Renee! Yes Renee, it's in the mail ;) xoxo

But wait, there's something else in the box!

Margaret said she was in her favorite store in Illinois when something called out to her..."Lolo!!!"


I gasped when I uncovered this beautiful wooden raven. I was speechless!

I photographed her next to my Jobi Pottery dish from my dear old friend Barbara for taking care of her kitty. They look great together but I know Miss Raven will be happier under my beautiful birth mandala by Marianne.

Perfect choice!

Margaret, thank you from the bottom of my heart for sending me all of these goodies. I feel like you know me so well. I hope we meet one day! xoxo

Before I end this post I also want to thank KJ for her wonderful cards that make me smile and for her daily emails just checking in with me.

Many of you know I met KJ once and this weekend we're going to Provincetown for 4 days of fun. We'll be meeting up with Debra Kay (yay!) and maybe Suki??? We'll have to work on her. We'll be missing Mim who is by her MIL's side post surgery along with her hubby. Big hugs Mim!!

Soulbrush and Marianne were hoping to make the long journey, but work and other things have made it impossible. We'll share our memories with you when we get back. I know we'll meet one day!!

Oh, I almost forgot. It's my 3rd Blogiversary!!

Thanks for coming along for the ride ;)




  1. What a touching post LOLO and the gifts you received!!!! Sounds like you have a great trip planned. Look forward to hearing about the trip! Happy 3rd Blogiversary!

  2. oh lo sigh, this brought tears to my eyes...what we share is very special, what you give to us all is very special, and this being your 3rdversary is very special too. my thoughts will be with you in p town this weekend too. love ya lots lo
    j xxxx

  3. Raven sister you have the most generous friends. Many that I too call friend now because of you.

    How generous of Margaret. How kind some people are.

    I love it.

    You and kj have the very best time.

    love Renee xoxox

  4. Now I have to tell you I am laughing my head off over this part of the statement.

    'Woody Allen came to his defense as if he's a credible person!!! Woody Allen who married his own adopted daughter!!'

    Oh my God you are so funny. Because it is so true.

    It is almost like Woody thinks he should keep his balls, so of course what were the rest of us thinking?

    Love Renee xoxo

  5. oh these are all so beautiful but especially that wonderful crow. Have a wonderful time in Ptown. I'm so thankful for your welcoming invitation, but I just dont have the get up and go to drive back to the cape so soon. I know it would be a blast, and will be for you guys. Have a super time. hugs, suki

  6. We have been rwading each others blogs at the same moment!
    I was reading your post and then came a pop up in the right corner below with your comment!

    Lovely post Lolo!
    Isn't is amazing how people can connect this way and special friendships grow?!

    That raven is just perfect and I love to see that picture of the raven beneath your mandala. It all look so perfect together.
    That Margaret! She is sweet!

    Know Soul and I are a little sad for not being there, but I am convinced we will meet one day and I have the same feeling about Soul!

    3 years!! Happy 3rd Blogiversary dear!
    you sure made the blogoshere is happier place.


  7. That birth mandala is exquisite. Amazing talent our Marianne has!
    Sweet to get the Raven gift too and all the other goodies are delightful to see. I too cherish my blog relationships. Cris and I email daily as well as we have met in person. I was going to come to the Cape sorry it didn't work out for me either, hopefully there will be a next time.

    congrats on your 3rd year of blogging.

  8. I was gasping as I read the lines and saw the gifts! WOWZERS. AWESOME

    I can't wait to hear about the trip.

  9. kj is the beneficiary of a wonderful friend at a time when she needed one most.

    thank you universe. ms. lolo is very special and i love her.

  10. How fantastic!! Lovely gifts (raven looks terrific surrounded by all that colour) and such fun that you are meeting up with some of my favourite bloggers too!