Friday, October 16, 2009

provincetown pranks and cranks

Okay, so here we are in PTown without Mim, Soulbrush, Marianne, Lynn or Suki. It's just me, Debra Kay and KJ making the most of it. We knew that Marianne, Soulbrush and Lynn couldn't make the long trip on short notice and we knew Suki was weary from making so many sojourns this summer. But Mim actually made reservations intending full well she'd be here. Life has a way of throwing us curveballs though, so Mim had to cancel her reservation at Captain Cooks. As you all know Mim had a way of showing up anyway. Kismet! Just look at what she was up to on KJ's post!
I actually witnessed Mim carrying on and was fortunate enough to be able to take pictures myself.

First we spotted her sitting in front of this red building that had something to do with happiness (who knows.) She really did look great in her black and white 40's ensemble waiting for us to show up.She does look a bit miffed though.

Here she is with 'Big Chief Standing' at the art co-op. Mim made herself comfy resting in his hand while the rest of us carried her around the town. He was so protective of her!

Mim trusted 'Big Chief Standing' so much that she let him convince her to go horseback riding. That was way beyond her comfort zone, but Mim is a trooper!

The one thing I was surprised about was how much Mim loves vodka! We went to Ross' Bar because they're known for their selection of vodkas and their martinis and cosmopolitans. Mim insisted on being photographed in front of all the vodka bottles. (She fell over at least 3 times, I swear.)

Who knew she was such a lightweight!

Poor Mim spent most of the next day in one coffee shop after the other. Good thing Debra Kay and KJ went along with it because they're both addicted to coffee breaks ;) Chocolate shops and bakeries were a close second.

(I, of course have NO addictions.)

Finally, Mim was ready to go to bed and call it a night. Thank goodness Debra Kay made a special birdhouse for Lolo that was just the right size for Mim. (And she didn't need a reservation!)

Oh my goodness, is that Ms. Emily Rabbit herself who showed up in her purple polka-dot bikini? I think they stayed up all night talking and sharing jelly beans which I hear is the best cure for a vodka hangover!


  1. WHat a delightful story and I had no idea Mim was such a hoot to hang around. Love the pic of her riding the horse - she looks absolutely thrilled! Sounds like you all had a great time - someday I want to meet everyone in person....planning a trip to AK anyone?

  2. What a hoot. So you are there making art! I love it. Oh how I wish....well, it's a good thing I am home as good things are happening for me here (see blog for details), but I do envy you there too. Tell about the trees please, the colors, the leaves. They are turning right?
    Love what you did for Mim!!! Especially the bird house!

  3. That lucky Mim getting to be there in spirit or is that spirits.?! We should all be so lucky.

  4. roflol i wanted to see you gals, and all i see is mim everywhere i look. glad you have fun.

  5. gosh - I was so drunk that I don't even remember most of the days (or is it daze?)

    What a great time this was...I just loved that Indian, he was HOT. but that horse had me a bit nervous, I bet that was Debra Kays' idea. Thank goodness I had the birdhouse to take refuge in.

  6. LOLOL...what a great meet up you guys had! Mim is a wild woman, especially with that handsome indian man!!!

  7. there is so much i could and should and would say but i am currently spending the weekend with mr. ryan age 2, baby drew age 6 months, beagle sadie and my beloved stella, and a mutually crazed jb. it's been a while since i've handled two little ones at the same time. yikes. barely a minute to breathe. the house is a disaster.

    but this comment should be about mim. all i can say for now is she was inaappropriate the entire vacation and so was lolo and debra kay. thank god for my steady hand and head.

    oh. and i could say it could have been just about the finest vacation possible/ever/i think so.

    we had a total blast. mim was a big part of why we never stopped laughing.


  8. such cute photos and so glad y'all had such a fun time.

  9. ROFLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I never KNEW what a wild thing Mim really was-still waters run deep.

    We all brought home Mim Cards-it was so much a special part of the time we spent together we wanted a little piece of it for our own.

    Next time, the real Mim will be with us-and boy is she going to have a lot to live up to!