Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A New Award...Yay!!

Another award has been bestowed on little old Lolo from two amazing women and one smart cat! The first person to give this to me is Julia and her cat, Bobo. They're quite a team! Julia was put on this earth to be Bobo's slave and she writes and illustrates about it on her blog. Check it out!

The second person who nominated me is Erin from Rapture Pet Sitting. She's a kindred spirit and animal friend and she helps make the world a better place by doing what she does to help animals. And she has a pretty darned cute kitty who is the star of most of her illustrations! Please stop by and check her out too.

Thanks, ladies!! You inspire me as well and I'm glad to have stumbled upon you in this great big blogging world!

here are the rules...

1-Display the logo on your blog
2-Link back to the person you received the award from.

3-Nominate 7 other blogs
4-Put links of those blogs on yours
5-Leave a message on their blogs so they know they've been nominated.

And my nominees are (in no particular order).......

Human Being because her blogs are so full of love and deeper meaning. I love the mind puzzles she creates with her thought provoking posts.

Debra Kay because she has such a deep connection with all animals and is such an advocate for their well-being. And she also makes me ponder some questions more deeply.

Emily at Creative Art Journal because she pours her 'art and soul" into her journals and shares her very core with the world without holding back.

Deli who's photography and creative writing always takes me to another place especially when I need to go!

Get Zapped, who I miss terribly while she's on a blogging hiatus! She always sees the good in every situation and was one of my very first inspiring people I became friends with in the blogsphere. Namaste, my friend.

Suana from An Illustration A Day. If I could begin a new life as an illustrator, I'd love to have her fresh, innovative style. Her work almost always makes me gasp!

And finally, Linda Sarah from Dancing Poems. I remember the day I tripped across her work and I just smiled from ear to ear! You can hear her words sing la la la la la all the way through the poetry. Her work is magical and uplifting!

And not least, to all of my friends on the right hand side of my blog. Each and every one of you make my day in more ways than you know! I usually keep nominating a few of the same ones because you're so close to my heart. This time I had to share the love with some of my new friends :)


  1. How funny, but not surprising we're on the same wavelength once again ;p Thank you for the award. You're a treasure in the world and for me. It's remarkable how many talented and compassionate people you have connected with in the blogsphere.

    I will play with this when I get time. As to your inquiry, I'm waiting on word back about a job I interviewed for. They called me in for a second round and will choose between me and another candidate. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Thanks again, for your kind support and inspiration.


  2. Thank you for those enormous words, Laurel!
    You, my dear, are one of those few people I met through the blogospere who inspires on a profound human level, and as get zapped said it so well
    You are a real treasure!

  3. thanks for this so very much, my dear.
    the conference was amazing and I will be processing for a long time, I got sick, and that was hard, but life is not about easy, I am learning.

  4. oh my dearest friend, Lolo...
    i'm much honored to be nominated for this precious award...
    the words of a creative artist like you mean a lot to me...
    and encourage me to crow more!
    your artworks are unforgettable...
    love to you...

  5. Yay!! Congratulations!!! You SO very much deserve this award - I love your blog too - very, very much. It's been a beautiful, calming, hope-filled, inspiring and wonderful place to visit - thank you so much for sharing your amazing images, words and music:-)

    And thank you so much too for nominating me - it means such a lot to me coming from an artist who's work I love so much!

    biggest and best wishes,


  6. what goes around comes around, so glad you got this one too.

  7. Congrats Lolo! You deserve that and many many more!

  8. Now I want to give you an award for that music we miss. For anybody listening: you know you can turn down the volume control on your computer if you are of a nervous disposition. We love your blog and want the lovely music back. Did you get my Blackberry message? Happy belated birthday, by the way.

  9. Hi,

    I've nominated your blog for the "I Love Your Blog" campaign for the reasons sited on my post here.

    Thank you for your voice and value.