Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Animal Wednesday: Spirit In The Sky

I'm keeping with the raven theme here so I don't have to change the song! This is from my archives when I was doing raven and pear designs as a spin-off of those crazy dreams I was having. It's called "Raven's Bounty."

Happy Animal Wednesday! HAW, er CAW!!


  1. Happy Wednesday, because you're always so inspirational and so talented, I left you a little award on my blog. Thanks for another wonderful painting.

  2. You would love my house, we have way more ravens than crows and I am always surprised at how big they are.

    Love this painting.


  3. Hi there! I'm finding my way into wonderful corners here and I really like this flatter style of yours! Kitchen's done, no more dust, fabulous.

  4. wonderful!
    so vibrant and 'juicy'...

    those spirits in the sky, tell us lots of things about all the bounties on the earth...

  5. Goes so well with the music!
    This one is more colorful. Dreams of raven and pear....:)

  6. I just love your range of style. You just never know what shape or form or stylization the ravens will take on next!