Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Animal Wednesday : Full Moon Magic

A few years back I did a series of four "Purrmaids." This one is titled "Molly and the Night Toads." On full-moon nights, Molly would wander off to the lake to await her magical transformation. The Night Toads would cast their spell and for a few magical hours, Molly would be one of the most lovely Purrmaids in the world. Later, when she'd go home her owners often wondered where she wandered off to and how she got so wet. Ssshhhh, it's a secret!

Happy Animal Wednesday!!


  1. what a wise and all-knowing face. i think i am beginning to really like all these cats (from afar).

  2. Very clever name and cute story and I always thought cats hated water. Very cute.


  3. Cat mermaids, I didn't think of that. You are so creative. It's your turn for scrabble..

  4. Oh how wonderful. Plus it's my toad and Deb's cat - what serendipity.
    Great, great picture.

  5. Purrmaids.... stop it! I can't even stand it! I love it so much!

    Joey was mysteriously wet the other night, but I think had he transformed into a purrmaid, he would have just sunk, hee hee... sigh.

    Happy belated Animal Wednesday!

  6. Great! So magical this one, suits cats!
    Greetings >M<

  7. I'm a comin' to California!
    Woo Hoo.
    and I will drive out to your neck-0-the-woods and maybe we can sit on the beach and just spill it all.
    it might even be full moon time, I will check the calender and see.
    (Aug 17 - 21!?)

  8. purrmaids!! looks so much like my old cat, Raven, but she was more of a siren than a purrmaid.

  9. What a fun idea! I just love your style and colors!