Friday, May 24, 2013

Illustration friday: tension

Okay, there's tension in the house now because Emma is officially a...BITER.
It's a long story and everyone is defending my dog, but I still don't like that she was provoked enough to BITE.
 She's a rescue dog with many fear issues. I warn people all the time what to do around her and what NOT to do. This particular person didn't listen and  pushed her (and my) limits which resulted in an ugly bite on the mouth.

Live and learn. I still love (and defend) my dog ♥

For Illustration Friday: tension

Acrylic and colored pencil on patterned paper.

   Happy memorial day weekend!!!!


  1. Wonderful rendition of a Corgi, and perfect for the theme of "Tension." Well done!

    1. Thanks very much! Although I agree she does resemble a Corgi, she's actually a feisty Chihuahua/terrier mix.

  2. uh oh, poor emma. why don't people listen, animals communicate. i hope you have a wonderful weekend lo, doing the things you love.

  3. Emma looks scared in this picture. Very Tense. Love your header picture too.

  4. it's a great pic and bah humbug on the person who pushed and pushed Emma to bite. boohoo. I can just picture the tension!

  5. Sorry to hear of the provocation and bite. Scary time for all. Hope everyone heals up well after.
    Loads of love your way...
    Julie and Doozey

  6. Who? Who?!

    I'll bet Emma felt at least a little bad about it...


  7. an unfortumate incident. poor person. poor emma. poor you. hope things straighten out.

  8. Lo, Hugs to you and Emma. xoxo

  9. Dear Sweet was NOT your fault. Your Mum and Dad know this... any time a Guest comes to YOUR home...and disrespects the rules your Mum tells them of...why then, it is the *Guest's* fault...

    Sending Love,

    ♥ Robin ♥