Wednesday, December 12, 2012

StickTight and Sophie

These are my bosses sweet, sweet dogs, StickTight and Sophie.
Our Christmas party is this coming Sunday and this is her gift. The painting, by yours truly, and the staff is paying for the framing. I can't wait for her to open it!
I screwed up the frame but that's another story! It will all be okay.

I'm hoping after the holidays I will be more present, both here on the blogs and in my life. This has been a tough year having to go back into the real working world full time again, especially at my age when I should be thinking about slowing down. My gratitude is for having been hired at my age!

Thanks to my loyal followers who bear with me even though I'm not visiting as much. I appreciate and miss you!

I have four days off coming up and two more commissions and family coming and and and....!!!!
I will get through it all with gratitude, my constant driving force. 

See you all soon, I hope. I'm really trying!



  1. What a fabulous drawing Lo. Your boss will be blown away. Take care. Can't wait to see more. I can't imagine working full time. I work 3 days per week and that keeps me busy.

  2. This is wonderful. She will LOVE it. Someone once said if you want to get something done give it to a busy person. I am sure you will get it all done. Miss you but understand. :)

  3. This is beautiful, Laurel! They are going to just love it so much!!! I, too, have to get back to work at age 56. I hope someone will still hire me too!!! You are a good inspiration for me! :)
    Happy Holidays!
    xoxo- Julie

  4. Oh I was wondering if your boss had seen it already but we have to wait until Sunday..............Oh what excitement :) Wish I could be at the party just to see her unwrapping her present!
    Know she will love it!
    All is well here...... will mail you soon

  5. What a lovely gift! How extremely thoughtful. It is beautiful.
    Have a wonderful time at the party and Happy Holidays! :)

  6. I'll bet you are going to beam as much as your boss is on Saturday. And deservedly so: what an irreplaceable gift

    I am one of your 'and's' and you are one of mine. We're lucky we can celebrate together in ways big and small.

    If I have gratitude as my constant driving force, can I still complain?

    :-) & xo

  7. Oh my! GASP!! this is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wowzers Lolo, this is a prize-winning painting!!!!!!!!

  8. I know your boss will cry when she opens this... you have *The Magic Touch* with animals - you see right into their souls...

    Wonderful news about your four days off!


    ♥ LS ♥

  9. Mmmmmm...So elegant and soulful...I will bet this bring about some happy tears. Your art is always filled with such love...:)

    BTW...I always feel you are here...with me and my Muse...and whether you actually are or not doesn't really matter...:)xo

  10. OMG what a fabulous gift. she will love it. you are so talented and particularly good with animals. i look at my Emily every day. We are patient. I know it must be hard to juggle all of life and such a change. I am here when you are ready to blog again, or not. whatever will be is okay. have a delightful holiday. hugs, suki

  11. That painting is absolutely stunning...what a lucky lady!! I absolutely know what you mean about juggling everything amid a huge you know, I'm in the same position and had to give up visiting blogs and even posting for awhile. I'll catch up soon, I hope!

    Have the very greatest of holidays! xx

  12. Oh Lo, that painting gave me a lump in my throat, what a wonderful pressie, she will just pop with joy! Your talents know no end. I am so glad that you have coped with the job and hecticity (oops is this a word) of life- and I am sending you lotsa warm wishes and know you will have a great year in 2013. Love ya xxxx

  13. Lo, This is such a beautiful and heartfelt painting, I am sure your boss will love it. Happy holidays and love and kisses.

  14. love it love it love it and she will too - I look at my Sammy every day and just love how you captured him. oh my....lots going on - but you're right to focus on the gratitude.
    love and kisses from mim