Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Animal Wednesday: A Winter retreat for Bliss

Bliss has a new winter cabin to retreat to.
(That's catnip scattered inside.)

She ♥'s it!

 She loves her little hiding places where no one, and I mean NO one, can see her!

Do you see her? I didn't think so!

 And Emma, ever vigilant in the studio window pretends not to care that Bliss got a new cabin, but she does.
She's pouting as I type this!

Happy Animal wednesday!



  1. Adorable. That stuffed bear is cute too. : )

  2. Our little animal friends are so much fun. Our doggies expanded to two this summer when we rescued another Chihuahua mix. We named him Delaware. I so love taking videos of them playing together.

  3. Lucky Bliss. I am sure she is living up to her name in her new cabin. Emma will just have to learn to deal with it. :) Love your new header picture.

  4. What a cute house. I wonder if Bibs would like one like that. He sleeps on the floor in a kitty bed without sides and it must be drafty in the winter.

    Emma looks so cute at the window resting on the bear. May you and they have a lovely holiday. Love, Suki

  5. Wonderful :-). My cat Max is the same way wants to be hidden away, while Zoe likes to be out in the open.Kisses to Bliss ans Emma and you.

  6. Princess Bliss looks very regal in her *Royal Tent*! I love the Paw-Print pattern! The other photos - particularly the one with the furry feet poking out - are priceless! Good choice in gifts, dear BS! As for the *SH*, well, she's a pretty spoiled little girl - and I know Santa will be good to her too!

    Your Header is one of my favourite paintings..... and so perfect for this Month!

    Miss you. Love to all,

    ♥ LS ♥

  7. Oh, Emma...tell your Momma to rush out and get you a cabin too!!! I was wondering if our chichi's would actually go in them...probably not...they would rather be on full time guard!!! :)

  8. What a delightful post dear!! Good to see the ladies again :)
    All 4 are in the studio now, I love that!
    Lovely house for Bliss and I understand Emma's feelings, while she is the one who is working in the house! Keeping it safe from invaders and critters in the garden........
    Have a wonderful weekend dear