Monday, October 15, 2012

Finding Joy

Sometimes JOY can seem elusive, but it's never really very far away.
We just have to open our eyes.

I took Emma to the park down the road as I do three times a day.
I grabbed my camera hoping for glowing glimpses of new color in our ever-changing trees.
It was raining with the sun shining. I know what that meant!
And so I began my search for what would surely be waiting...

I love the vibrant color against the evergreens and the other leaves that are slow to turn.

The glow of the afternoon sun never disappoints.

I have no idea what kind of tree this is, but WOW! 

It was on fire!

And look at this beauty, half turned, half hanging onto the greens of summer.

So I turned the car around and headed home, smiling at the black cloud that followed me and rained on me during this time with Emma...

And I'll be forever grateful for this gift that was waiting for me as I turned the car towards home.

Joy was there the whole time.



  1. Oh what lovely colors you are seeing now. You got some great photos of Joy!! :)) Our colors are starting here too finally. Rain has just come after 100 days too. Yeaaa..

  2. Nature always finds a way to bring joy to our spirit! :) What beautiful examples of pure joy.

  3. oh WOW! someday i would love to visit during this leaf changing time! so glad you had this time lo, pure joy indeed.
    xxx lori

  4. These colors are screaming fall. Joy looks to be a big smile in the sky.

  5. You have so perfectly captured the beauty of this time of year. And the melancholy which I think it brings, even though it is my favourite season. You are right, we must always leave a door open for joy. Minerva x

  6. Beautiful! I wish we had more color changing leaves down here in south Florida, but only a teeny bit, if any. :( Thanks for showing yours!!!

  7. lovely photos - and glad you found these joys

  8. Beautiful colours. Love your header!

  9. Lo - the trees here are just beginning to turn, and I wish I had remembered my camera yesterday. I love the bright reds and oranges against the greens, too. AND you got a rainbow, lucky girl! :) xox

  10. Oh wow the photos just keep getting better and better. Love the colours -they take my breath away. Hugs to you my pal.

  11. The autumn leaves are glorious. I've been reveling in them here. And that is a stunning, perfect rainbow.