Thursday, February 02, 2012

Six More Weeks

I guess Punskutawney Phil, the most infamous groundhog of all has seen his shadow today indicating we'll be having six more weeks of winter.

Here in Rhode Island and other parts of New England our Winter has felt more like Spring, so I say bring it on!!!

Happy Groundhog Day!

(This little groundhog painted by me now lives in Holland with Felix!)


  1. Sunny here, if this IS Winter, it's ok by me! Love this little guy....he has a great home with Felix!


    ♥ LS ♥

  2. Sunny here but chilly....I'm not really sure we HAD winter, but I would like winter, then spring.....
    You think that cute little guy can manage that for me? ;-D
    Love the painting Lo.


  3. He's so cute and nicely done.
    Here too, here too...I just hope spring continues well into July!
    One can hope.

  4. Lucky Felix. This little ground hog is cute. I am with you about this mild winter we are having.

  5. Winter or spring, we're enjoying NOT constantly digging out this year in Upstate New York. Last year more than made up for the lack of winter this year!

    Love, love, LOVE the groundhog! Beautiful job!


  6. thanks to you i have just learned there are TWO official groundhogs and they don't always agree. :^)

    i've loved this mild weather. but it also causes concern. it's not normal in any sense.

    your painting reminds me of a blog challenge: i.e. where do you store your nuts? metaphorically speaking :^)

    love you lo

  7. Our Hokkaido winters usually last into April, so if we have only 6 more weeks of it, I'll be quite happy. ;p

  8. You can have the winter weather, but you're drawing makes Phil adorably likable.

  9. What a cute little fellow! Hope Spring is just around the corner!x

  10. Oh! This painting of him is SO adorable! You have such talent with the critters!
    I can take winters like this all the time, yessiree!

  11. Oh he's so cute! Plus an awesome painting - I need another Lo lesson! We've had weather like this before but it is odd.

  12. i taking good care of him im me room :)
    hugs and kisses felix xoxoxoxo

  13. That was Felix who is still happy with his groundhog!
    It just started to snow here!!!!!! I am home just in time. For this afternoon we have code orange (weather alert) and now there is already over 400 kilometers in queues......Flights are cancelled I came home 2 hours ago without much trouble I guess both out and home bound I have been lucky :)
    Spring in 6 weeks?? Yeah I love it!

    Love the groundhog dear! Felix is proud to see him here again

  14. I'm with you! I can certainly take six more weeks of THIS winter!
    Love your cute painting. You make him look so cuddly.

  15. Cute as a we have been having a milder winter too. I hope it continues to be mild. Perfect painting for Groundhogs day.

  16. It seems every winter is a little bit warmer - global warming people, just sayin' and as always hope the 'experts' are wrong :> Miss hearing from you Laurel and wish you well my friend, xo

  17. winter has only just started here for real- and man oh man it is brrrrrrr.I think spring is far far away right now. love do little guy!

  18. Can we come auntie Lo its cold in the Midi.


  19. Super cute and nicely drawn little guy! In Chicago area also, very mild winter. Some folks are predicting a wicked March, but I say pffft! It probably won't be bad. :)

  20. I have a love/hate relationship with groundhogs, but yours brings out the best in this guy. Great glint in the eye! Not easy, I think, but you nailed it.

  21. so so kooot. i wuv doz widdle fwont teef!