Saturday, February 11, 2012

Illustration Friday: Popularity

While some would do anything to win a popularity contest, others would rather blend into the background.
Ravens don't bother with such choices.
I guess this one didn't get the memo!

This was an exercise (mostly in frustration) to get my drawing/painting hand loosened up from it's rustyness of late.
I just let it take me wherever and just had fun.
Watercolor, botanical rub ons, gel pens, colored pencils and ink. 

Happy weekend!



  1. A raven dressed for a fancy event, I think. :-)

  2. CS, I like your way of thinking!

  3. This raven gets my popularity vote!!! Love what you did here.

  4. I like this a lot! Very fine work :-)

  5. I absolutely LOVE IT Lo! :-)
    That hand is working better than you think.....


  6. hey Joe! Nice to see you. I'll have to stop by and see what you've been up to!

    Hiya Anne~

    Doodling just felt SO good today!

    You should be getting a little something in the mail soon ;)

  7. Ooooooh, such a fancy pants guy.
    I love how you gave him a hat.
    Maybe this one is a girl though, what with all the dazzle.
    So glad you're having time to paint, and it shows that you had fun!

  8. A great way to swing into things again. I hope your weekend is good.

  9. all dressed up and nowhere to crow.

    love his fancy duds.

  10. (I hope I don't post this comment twice but I seem to have lost the first one. Argh!)
    I really like the colors, particularly the purple and blue background. And those botanical silhouettes are really cool! I think it's really great but I do understand frustration. :)

  11. hahahee, suki.

    this is evidence of a well spent day!

    more, please.


  12. Wow so different but still your style! Love it!
    Glad you have found time to do art, that will recharge your batteries :)

  13. Well isn't he the fancy pants! He must be popular with all the glitz.

    Seems to me that you didn't stay rusty long.

  14. babs~ it looks like he's wearing a yamaca!! I don't know how to spell it :)

    Thanks Lisa! I need to come see what you've been up to.

    Nancy and Ellen, thank you!

    Suki, you crack me up!

    Cindy, frustration is my middle name these days :P

    KJ, I hope to keep em' coming!

    M~yes, very different for me! It was fun though just to do something, anything :)♥

    Hiya Mim! I'm working off the rust little by little.

  15. This raven is stunning as always.
    My main goal when I paint is to go where the painting takes me and have fun, what other way is there?

  16. Well I like this.. its charming. We have so many visiting us these days. I love seeing them.I watched one cleaning itself up the tree this morning. Such fun to watch.

  17. Very clever, and beautiful, too! I'd say your rusty hand has been re-oiled and you are in the groove again.

  18. So beautiful, I love all the pattern work and the black cat painting below.

  19. know I adore ALL your Ravens!!! Whatever style you comes from your soul... just gorgeous! I saw many Ravens while up North....but darn, it's hard to take photos when walking Mimi...with lead, poop bags and a camera!!!!

    Miss you, miss you!!! We must talk soon!!!!

    Love to all,

    ♥ LS ♥

  20. I would like to tell you that you have given me much knowledge about it. Thanks for everything. Keep Blogging!

    - Marx of web design

  21. Just fabulous! The detail is beautiful. This truly is spirited!

    I'm so happy we crossed paths....

    hugs from the rainy city~

  22. lo, i don't remember seeing this post, but i'm glad i am now. your raven is so pretty, i don't think you could get rusty.

    i worry about you working so much, and i hope you are finding moments (much needed) for yourself. art needs you. and i know you need it too.

    your words meant alot to me in this post, i wonder what you would call a person if they put them selves out there (with their blog) yet would rather blend into the background at the same time, like you said.
    sending hugs and hoping you have the day off tomorrow.
    xxx lori

  23. I found your work on Etsy and love it. Which led me to your blog, much exploring to do I think. And saving pennies until I can afford one of your wonderful prints. I think Poe himself would adore this Raven!

  24. This is awesome!!! Very pretty and free feeling! I love it!