Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thankful Thursday 2010 #1

I've been remiss in posting my Thankful Thursdays since just before Christmas. I was in a tailspin and had a hard time seeing my way out of it, but here I am, finally ready to embrace this new year! For all of you wonderful friends out there who sent me things over the holidays, thank you so much! I appreciate the thoughts and gifts more than you'll know. Because I've fallen so very far behind I won't even try to post them. I did write or email all of you individually though, and if I somehow missed even doing that I apologize deeply.

Now I start anew with my first post of gratitude for things that came in the mail so far this year, and thoughts that came from the heart.

First there is this amazingly wonderful children's book from KJ. She bought it for herself last year when she was going through a rough patch and she knew she would pass it on one day to the next person who needed it. I think this book had a part in making me embrace my new life out here. This sweet book will help anyone who's feeling stuck, whether creatively or in your heart. This book is a gem with a wonderful metaphor for pushing through whatever life deals you. It is now my favorite book!! Thank you sweet friend. xo

She also gave me this very mushy card. Look whose ears are poking out from behind the tree!!

I think Emily had to stick her pink nose into everything ;)

Yesterday this beautiful note came in a silver envelope. It was from Suki and it's one of her own designs. I just love it! She was thanking me for my part in her ArtySoulSister's journal, as well as wishing me lots of creative days in my new studio. Suki's page was the first one I did and I had such fun! It was my pleasure Suki. ~Namaste~

Speaking of ArtySoulSisters, Jossie started the whole, wonderful project! There are nine of us ladies around the world each doing a page in the other's journal. Jossie sent a sweet note thanking me for being a part of it. She included this atc of the logo for our group. Thanks Jossie!

The project was and still is my pleasure to participate in with so many talented ladies! xoxo

And finally, this delightful package of goodies came from Margaret at Waterblossoms. She always knows what will make me smile and pretty little notes always do the trick! I also have the very sparkly, glittering postcard from Arizona. I wish you could see the glitz!

Thank you Margaret, you're so thoughtful always! xo


  1. All such wonderful things and a great way to start the new year.
    Yup, Margaret has been leaving little jewels all over the world!

    Thank you for being you.

  2. Darling we have done that and it has helped.

    But good news today as Camille is in and Jacquie and I and her are going to see my Mom this afternoon.

  3. Lucky lady to have so many thoughtful caring friends. All the gifts are gifts of love from the heart and you deserve each and every one of them.

  4. Lots of lovely gifts here. The book looks very interesting. So glad to hear you are turning a corner on your feeling on the move there. Sometimes you just need time to adjust.
    Thank you for your comment on my blog. I sure hope you post that mural in your dining room and you did put in the sheep. They do seem to calm me when I look out to see them. There is no dreary day with them around. :))

  5. Oh LoLo you are loved sweet lady.


  6. I am glad to hear you are getting over that hump Lolo. You deserve to feel good about your new life. Such wonderful things in the mail. They are bound to make you happy.

  7. I bought that book at your recommendation ... it warmed my heart. Thanks for passing it on!

  8. You are such a treat dear lady...Wonderful things all!

    P.S. A gorgeous raven landed in Arizona!!! I will post her tomorrow! :)

  9. You were with me today at the coffee shop-I was flipping through my sketchbook and came across a page you'd drawn in P-town.

    I'm fine, spinning, not out of control, just trying to draw a bead on the horizon.

  10. Uplifting post, full of the new years possibilities. I googled the book and see there is a movie, too

    I received your gift today and fell blessed, my heart is warmed...thank you everso!

  11. Change can sometimes be such a struggle. And no change can be almost as hard. To learn to be content in all things is a hard thing but worth striving for. I'm going to check out that book now. Sounds inspirational.

  12. Isn't it amazing how a trip to the mailbox can end up feeling like a big group hug? Your blessings are abundant this year and will grow, I'm sure.

  13. So many lovely and wonderful things to brighten up your day...thats fantastic! It shoes how loved you are:)

    The picture of the bird on the book with its sparkling eyes is too cute.

    Every picture is!

  14. i am so glad that book is in your hands.

    now everyone knows i sent you a mushy card. i sent renee one too. :)

    it's a new dawn, lo. the canvas is blank, waiting for all the colors you choose.

    i'm happy to be along for the ride. ♥

  15. There was a raven that was flying over some buildings. It dropped in my mail box.


  16. wow!!! you have been busy and i like it all too, from your lil dog in the sweater and the bird here and cactus. And yikes all that snow.