Friday, January 22, 2010

My pages for Marianne's Journal: part one

Have any of you been following the ArtySoulSister's Journals? What a blast this has been!

Marianne has asked that her sleek black cat, Sjimmie be featured on all of our pages for her journal. I've been waiting for him and apparantly so has my cat, Bliss!

Who's that behind the stained glass window? It's a kitty out in the cold snow.'s Sjimmie!!

He finally made his long journey from the Netherlands to Rhode Island!

After we brought him in from the cold he ate a good meal, groomed himself and snuggled up to Bliss. Even Emma the crazy dog was enjoying his company!

The three new pals spent a lot of time in the studio because they love the sunlight in there.

Sjimmie kept looking at the beautiful birth mandala his mother Marianne made for me.

I could tell he was getting homesick.

It was hard saying goodbye to him but he knows he can come back anytime.

Please bring your mother next time Sjimmie!

Now he's on his way with a first class ticket to London to see Joss. Once she adds her pages he'll be going home to tell Marianne about his many adventures!

Bye-bye Sjimmie!! It's been so much fun spending time with you ;)

Hopefully I'll get the back pages done soon!! Stay tuned...


  1. Love the colors and composition. Good art.

  2. This is marvelous Lolo. The stained glass looks real. Sjimmie has surely enjoyed his visit.

  3. these are gorgeous pages Lolo. I know Sjimmie enjoyed his stay with you, looking out the beautiful window and snuggling with your guys too.

  4. Those are amazing Laurel. Love the details


  5. Oh my gosh Lolo, this is just fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I totally love it!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh the tales Sjimmie will tell Marianne.

  6. how awesome! marianne will love this so much!!!

  7. I just came from the ARty Soul Sisters blog and left my comments there...just here quickly to say I am still in awe of your art and these pages are no exception. Absolutely in every way incrediably well done...WOW!!!!!

  8. Lo-she is going to cherish those pages.

  9. These pages are so beautiful and personal. She will love them I'm sure!

  10. Yes I lOVE them. Everyone was right in their comments!
    So amazingly done! Thank you so much dear!
    And you have really captured his spirit.
    He is only shy for a moment just like he looked through that beautiful studio window. But then there is no stopping him! If he would have stayed longer he would have taken over your whole house ;)
    And that is really Sjimmie there with Bliss and Emma, totally relaxed.

    Oh I am in Toronto and getting homesick now as well.........

    Adorable pages Lo!
    I am one lucky duck (KJ would say)

  11. Oh and I nearly forgot.
    The story with it !!!!!
    So adorable to read! So cute.I just could see it all like a movie with a happy end in my mind .

  12. oh lo this is the best one ever- except for my riff raffie and maagie page. i just love what you are doing this year, your mojo definitely loves that new studio, and it's no wonder with that exquisite window. fabadabadoolishus sister.

  13. Love that Sjimmie is half in and half out of that gorgeous stained glass window of yours Lolo! Glad he got on so well with your animals too! He's going to have so many wonderful stories to tell when he gets home! Love what you have done for Marianne in her book - just wish I could see it :(!!! What's in part II then????

  14. Look so fantastic. What a great job Laurel.


  15. What a wonderful feel each picture has, very much like the raven mandala, with a real rhythm to the completed piece.

  16. I thought the stained glass page was just fabulous...then I read on...and on... and came to the very last page...That's when my jaw hit the keyboard! Dang! You are magical Laurel! (my jaw is still hanging open...)