Friday, December 11, 2009

Skywatch Friday: Egrets, water and sky

I took this shot in November when the temperatures were teasing us into thinking Winter wouldn't arrive. Today it's below freezing! I think I'll look at this photo and climb back in time.

Happy Skywatch Friday my friends. Please stop by to see other skies at the Skywatch site!


  1. Glorious colors and peaceful. Would make a great card or poster. We're still freezing out here the PNW - stay warm!

  2. It is hard to be a raven with only one wing. I needed you to be the other and I am glad that you are helping me fly.

    I love the card darling and the antlers on the raven.

    Love Renee xoxoox

  3. Ah, I think I would do the same thing! Truly lovely shot and a wonderful reminder!

    Enjoy your weekend and stay warm!


  4. That is a beautiful, serene scene. I love the layering of colors. Just stick to bloggerland and you can warm up by looking at photos from warmer parts of the world! Enjoy the skies.

  5. A lovely scene - It is probably beautiful now, too. But this is warmer!

    Three Rivers Daily Photo

  6. we are so lucky that we forget these things every year, i mean the colds, or we would never want to wake up each day. also bitterly cold here, but not below freezing. keep warm my lo. got your pages, now have to think what to add to your lovey book this weekend. xxx

  7. I thought this was one of your beautiful paintings when I first glimpsed it. Beautiful sky. Happy SWF.

  8. Love the picture. Think I will go back in time with you by looking at this picture and mine too. Been really freezing cold for days here too. Unusual actually. I am hoping the birds on the ponds are doing ok.

  9. walking on eggs
    a snowy egret
    stalks the shallows

  10. Beautiful view of the egrets at play in the water, thanks for sharing a peek with Sky Watch Friday.

  11. Egrets are cool-it's cold here too-too cold for me.

  12. hello! this is a serenely beautiful shot. i love marshes.

    i suffer the same snow you do, dear friend. yuk. i know i should love this snowy cold, and maybe i would, but i don't


  13. We are having snow here and cold!!!
    Anything better then those weeks of rain, which drove me crazy
    Lucky I got back from France yesterday before we got snow here.
    Now I am home and can enjoy it.
    Woke up this morning and there was a white carpet covering everything. I see little sparkles of snow in the white which remind me of your art work.
    It is early I will get dressed and go outside as soon as it gets light with the doggies and camera.

    Love those white herons!

    Hope you will enjoy your first winter in your new home, which looks gorgeous with thatdecorated studio!