Monday, December 14, 2009

More Journal Pages for :Lynn & Mim

I had two journals in front of me this week so I tackled both of them yesterday.

This is Lynn's page. As you all know she sews, quilts, paints, does fabric assemblage and many other things. I can't keep up with her! My first thought was to paint her under a "Dream Quilt" and to have her wonderful cat Henry V napping with her. The poem came later.

I used watercolors (mistake!) to paint on loose canvas. The paint kept beading up but I worked it in with a lot of patience! It needed some pizazz so I added glitter here and there. It didn't scan well but it sure shines in person.
For the back page I used my greeting card program and chose a quilt background. Then I chose a shape to place the poem in. Just a quick little diddy I wrote in a few minutes.
I'm no Emily Dickinson! Anyway, there you go. A tribute to Lynn and her sewing talents!

Now for Mim's pages...

Mim asked us to make her journal about women. Strong women, magical women, etc.

I went through my archives and found my Wallflowers and Bagladies that some of you may remember. The Wallflowers were named so because of the patterned paper I painted them on which resembled wallpaper. The Bagladies were all drawn and painted on brown paper bags.

I love that there are nine of them and nine of us sharing this journal. Kismet!

It took me a while to scan them and print them the right sizes for the collage but it was fun putting them all together.

The poem on the back is what I came up with after looking at all of 'my girls' together.

Wallflowers and Bagladies,



Thinkers, dreamers, doers.

Conquering fears,

persuing dreams,

rising to the top

like the sweetest cream.

So there you have it! I hope you ladies like your pages ;)


  1. Oh Lolo-they both sing-you must have felt really awesome after creating too such wonderful pieces. Lynn and Mim are very lucky ladies indeed.

  2. Oh WOW Lolo, these are just fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. They are amazing so are your verse:)

    HCM to you!

  4. They are both so warm and full of love.I remember the bag ladies and the wallflowers and how sweet the poem for Lynn and just right for Mim...

  5. They are fantastic and boy you know I love that lady in the left hand corner, she looks just like you.


  6. i have always loved those bagladies! yahooo our lo is back! fabulous dahlink!

  7. Whew!!! You nailed both of these...Your spectacular style in both words and images oozes from both of these treasures...Mmmmm!

  8. These are so great, Lolo! Lynn's especially is wonderful. So perfect for her. And your ladies are definately strong women! Very nice.

  9. So lovely. My fav is the women's page.

  10. Wowee kazowee! I'm a lucky lady!

  11. As I said on the 'other side' you've been working hard this weekend! I just love to see what you've been up to! These are fantastic and should please the recipients no end!

  12. wow; it has been awhile! and you have been busy with these creations. I got a huge chuckle out of cat in the center of the wreath below.

  13. They are just wonderful..I celebrate your creativity..

  14. Hi darling, I hope you had fun with kj.


  15. How beautiful! Looks like you have settled into your new studio quite comfortably and you are thouroughly enjoying this project :D They are so lucky to receive these wonderful pieces!

  16. Hey Raven sister I hear you had quite a surprise yesterday. That kj is a rascally rabbit isn't she.

    So did you love Mim?


  17. Both of these pages are gorgeous! The recipients will love them I'm sure. I had no idea you were so talented at drawing/painting people - I haven't followed your blog for as long as some I guess. Very inspiring!

  18. Wow Lo!
    What beautiful pages you have created !!!
    Love that dreamquilt with Lynn and Henry V dreaming sweet dreams!
    Wonderful that your creativity has no limits!
    And the nine women, just beautiful and perfect for Mim!
    Oh what a surprise that must have been finding out the delivery lady was Mim!

    Glad to be back!
    Missed blogging and you


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