Friday, December 12, 2008

A Lovely Award

I'm honored to have received this stunning award from Monica and Andrea, a creative girlfriend and boyfriend duo who call themselves theartofpuro.

Thank you both so much! I'm blushing :)

There are the usual rules...

Link to the person who gave you this award.

Display the award on your blog.

Choose 5 (or more) blogs you'd like to pass this along to and why.

Today I'm choosing those who inspire me with their words. Their stories, whether true or fictitious always have me riveted to my seat and longing for more. They draw me in enough to feel their pain or their joy which leaves me crying or celebrating alongside them. They are, (in no particular order)...

KJ at Options for a better world

Debra Kay

Catnapping at The Odd Neighbor


Human Being at Dear Teacher Crow

Thank you ladies, for making my life richer by reading your words, and for always stopping by with support and encouragement!


  1. Well deserved by you and all those you have mentioned.

  2. You are incredibly talented. I just today saw your white raven. He stopped my heart, he is sooo beautiful.

  3. i love my award and thank you for it. what excellent company i find myself in!


  4. ps oh your white raven. i so agree with felis sn's comment.

  5. you really deserve this award,
    Lolo... your art and your words always strike some chord down deep in my heart...

    and thanks for sharing it with us...
    this is really encouraging to see my limping words get awards from dear friends like you...

    lots of love and a big hug!

  6. Congrats to you and thank you for including me in this list of receivers. I am touched. It may take me a few days to acknowledge the award on my blog. Just getting back into the swing after two days with no internet. Be well, Suki