Tuesday, December 18, 2007

True Blue Blogging Award

I've been awarded the True Blue Blogging Award by

This award is given to people who stick by you in blogland and make it fun to blog, creating a community of communication and friendship.

I have made many friends on this blogging adventure, but there are ones that visit me consistently with encouraging words and support.

"Ascender" is one of those people, however, I can't vote for the one who voted for me, so here's my list in no particular order.

Get Zapped, for her heartfelt, kind comments and her daily inspirations on her blog. Ronni Hall from Designing Fairy, another inspiring lady who shares a deep connection to animals. Kim Coles from I'm With Sully,so talented and sweet, I enjoy seeing her Moleskine creations and her jewelry. She's been such a lift for my spirits on tough days. And she has the cutest little dog, Sully! Princess Pepper Cloud, who made the trip to my studio to meet me and she even brought me a beautiful handmade dish! We got choked up telling different animal stories. It was so nice to put a face on my blogger buddy. If you haven't checked out her wonderful Ant-ics on her blog, you must! And finally, Forever Young, one of my newer friends here. She always has something nice to say on my posts, and I love the way she tells it like it is on her blog. She's the real deal!

I'd keep going down the list of my faves, but I can only choose 5. Perhaps one or all of them will be your new blogging friend if they aren't already.

I thank every one of you for taking the time to stop by. It's great having you here!

Season's Blessings,



  1. Hey, I was passing through and spotted my name (well, my blog name) and am delighted by your kindness. You of all people deserve this honor and award. You touch so many people with your art and words. It's a joy sharing our worlds.

    Peace and love~michelle

  2. i am sooo chuffed, i love getting awards. i'm going to look at the other 4 and make friends with them too. xmas greetings to you and yours and very HEALTHY and happy 2008.

  3. Miss Lolo, thank you for this lovely honor. You are the one who deserves this. Always consistently lending support. Big hugs and big thanks!!!!

  4. can you tell me how to 'download' this award on to my blog site to show it off to everyone. again a big thanx.

  5. Lolo! Thank you for the award, I am honored and my ants are all having a drink of honeydew in your honor.

  6. Congrats!! You deserve this. You visit me all the time and I deeply appreciate it. I wish I had your stamina!

    Also, would like to invite you and everyone here to enter my Christmas Eve drawing. Have a Merry!!

  7. Tapadh leat, Lolo! You should win blogger of the year award for being the kindest and most prolific commenter. We can always count on you to be there for us.

  8. Congratulations Lolo,

    Thank you for your visits and supportive comments, you deserve this 100%