Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm it.....again!!

Okay, so now I've been tagged by Laurel Neustadter, OttoBlotto and ForeverYoung to list 7 random and hopefully interesting things about me. Try not to hit the snooze button!

1) As a kid, I used to be on probabtion for truancy. (Long story!) Anyway, back in the day they used to send a truant officer to your house if you missed a lot of school. The magical thing that came out if this was my probation officer, Janice. She was my first mentor and 44 years later, we're still great friends!

2) I don't know how to accept comliments. For instance, if someone says "Hey, that's a beautiful blouse!", I'll go on about how it doesn't fit very well and it's really old and then probably admit I bought it at Goodwill!

3) I can't watch underwater scenes on TV or at the movies. I literally lose my breath. Maybe it has something to do with an ex-boyfriend trying to drown me. Nice guy. I hung in for ten years.

4) I have a greeting card addiction. I'm an old-fashioned letter writer and I have at least a hundred blank cards to choose from at all times, yet I still keep adding more. Whenever I see an off-beat card shop, I'm there!

5) I'm a published children's book author but I didn't get to illustrate them...Ashley Wolff did. The books were published in 1991 and are still best sellers~yay!! Last March they came out in bi-lingual board books and sales have sky-rocketed. Sixteen years later those nice checks are coming to my door :) For those of you who can't find them, here's the latest editions of "I Love My Daddy Because..." and "I Love My Mommy Because..."

6) There are so many places I'd love to see but I hate traveling! I'd love to drive the back country roads of Ireland and stop for a pint at the pubs~or go to Scotland to see where my Grandfather and Great Grandfather were born. But I'll never go. Besides, I can't stand to leave my animals!

7) I love to read but I never find the time. I bring books to bed with me but fall asleep after one page. I don't think I've completed a book in at least 2 years! How sad is that.

So there you have it. Seven things you could have gone along nicely without knowing about me. I'm just not that interesting!
Oh...and seeing as I've tagged so many of you before, I'm letting you all off the hook :)


  1. so funny, a greeting card addiction. my mother has an unusual form of that - she has sympathy cards for every kind of death. very odd.

    my addiction is fabric, although my sewing machine broke and I can't afford to fix it. so now I just look and dream...

  2. Thanks for sharing, Laurel. You are very interesting! Wow, you are the author of a children's book! I love children's books. There are so many wonderful stories and artwork. I'll check your book out of the library.

  3. As far as #4 goes, you'd love my father. He makes it a point of honor to get his Christmas cards out before anyone else on the planet does! (I've been tagged as well!)

  4. these are truly marvellous, your self confidence needs boosting girl, you are interesting and your blouse IS pretty .
    are you still writing children's books? tell me titles of some of your books, i've never 'known' a famous person before!

  5. Those were some fun facts.... course if my bf held me underwater I would be a truant for a few years too; who wouldn't! went to your book artist site; which book is yours?

  6. wow!and its not boring.
    good to see and learn a tad
    of one of the most interesting blogger.


  7. and really, i can relate to your post about having problems with compliment. i mean, with friends i am okay, but i do get difficulty when it is being said seriously

  8. Well, that's interesting. All very cool, (okay, not the drowing thing). Let me know when you want to go to Ireland. I'll ride shotgun!

  9. I fall asleep after one page too! ha! Hey, when we go to Scotland, you should try to go too! The more the merrier at the pub, I say!

  10. so here are 7 things about me you might not know:

    1. I have severe A.D.D.

    2. I stuttered severely as a kid

    3. I don't actually use the word severe all that much

    4. I am coming to understand that thoughts do create reality - and it actually scares me because I am quite paranoid and can't help but imagine car crashes and violent crime and other scary things. for this reason I NEVER see horror or crime films.

    5. I can't eat wheat gluten and although at first when I found out (2 years ago) it seemed like a horrible thing, I have come to be quite used to it and it doesn't really affect me all that much except when going to people's houses to eat. although the thought of never having a loaf of crusty French bread can send me into a pretty deep depression.

    6. I dream of travel all the time - in my mind I just slap on a backpack, and wander around foreign countries hopping on and off trains, eating amazing food, having amazing adventures, and meeting amazing fellow wanderers. but in reality, I get very exhausted traveling and the wandering part sometimes leaves me alone and afraid and in need of a good map. I do much better in my imagination with this than in actuality.

    7. Even though number 6 is true, I still want to go to these places one day: Prague, Iceland, Northern Finland, Thailand, Northern India, Fiji, Nepal, and Argentina. and New Zealand. and Scotland.